Thursday, December 17, 2015

Chris Fite at DHSI 2015

Chris Fite, previous LISSA Vice President, was awarded funding in Fall 2015 for attending the DHSI 2015 conference. In lieu of being awarded funding, Chris has sent LISSA a blog post from The Association for Computers and the Humanities that he wrote discussing fundamentals of programming and coding.
Congratulations on your award Chris, and thank you for giving all of us more insight into programming and coding!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mildly Attractive Men and Women of SLIS Present:

The 2016 Calendar is here....--CARDIGANS OF THE GALAXY--

Are you a Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or Twin Peaks fanatic? Are you in need for a Christmas gift for your best friend, the Trekkie? Look no further...all your favorite fandoms await in the 2016 SLIS Calendar!

$15 per calendar, $18 with shipping, and $30 special combo price for a calendar and t-shirt!

Contact Lindsay ( or Erin ( to purchase, or come to Student Services in Davis College to pick up your copy today!!

All proceeds support LISSA sponsored activities - Thanks for your support!!