Sunday, February 23, 2014

SLIS/LISSA Professional Website Workshop

The Professional Website Workshop will be hosted by Ashley Blewer, SLIS graduate and LISSA member. Here is information regarding it that she has provided.

Paired up with LISSA, I am hosting a professional website creation workshop on Saturday, March 1 in Davis College.

The goal is to give SLIS students/graduates a “leg up” on the competition in a very competitive field. Students can demonstrate their skills and display their work in a space where prospective employers can easily find them.

This is a ¾-day workshop to assist SLIS students or graduates (particularly soon-to-be or recent graduates) on developing their web presence for the LIS job market. The morning will consist a guiding through the process of domain registration and buying a web hosting plan, then continuing with a presentation on web presence and a guide to website development and creation. We will break for lunch (on your own), and the afternoon will be spent making your own website (with me there to help)!

We will be using the Wordpress platform, so no coding knowledge is necessary (but you should be comfortable with computers/the internet). I will provide guidance on how Wordpress works, how to choose a good Wordpress theme (and have pre-selected themes to advise on using), and what kind of content should be included on a professional website. By the end of the day, you will have a website to show employers how awesome you are!

Because this is a very hands-on workshop, RSVP is required (and space limited). Please respond to if you are interested in attending.

Note: The workshop is FREE but in order to participate, you will need to purchase a web domain and web hosting for a year (this is approximately $50). I will take you through the process on the day of the workshop.

Tentative timeline
10am start, greeting, presentation
12-1 lunch break
1-4 website building!

Please get in touch with any questions.

Ashley Blewer