Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mildly Attractive Men of SLIS 2014 Calendars Now Available

You probably haven’t even bothered to notice, but mildly attractive men are just about everywhere. It’s true. They’re shambling down the cereal aisle at the corner grocer. They’re fumbling around in their pockets for grubby quarters at the local Laundromat. Your sister knows a mildly attractive man and she likes him a lot, she really does, but it’s more like as a brother. Besides, she’s not at a point in her life where she’s looking for that sort of thing with, well, anyone really. Right now in America, a mildly attractive man is in his kitchen eating bread over the sink. One side is scarcely toasted – the other, which was charred to a crisp, is slathered in expired jam. Nobody should have to live like this. Someone needs to do something.

Someone has. Again.

The heroic males of the School of Library and Information Science have stood against the injustices foisted upon ineligible bachelors for seven consecutive years through the production of their Mildly Attractive Men of SLIS calendars. This year, our models have represented the one constant in the life of the painfully common man – retro video games. 

Pictured: the dawn of a glorious new golden age

For less than the price of eight cups of coffee a day, you can support the efforts of our mildly attractive men. Your contribution won’t just validate the work of our post-production team who probably just would have sat in front of a computer for a solid week anyway. Your purchase will support all our LISSA members, be they mildly attractive or classically beautiful, by generating funding for professional conference involvement and participation.

These calendars are handsomely bound.

Calendars are $15 each ($19 each for calendars that are mailed) and are available for purchase in the Office of the Director in Davis College (Monday through Friday, 9 - 4), through any LISSA officer, or by sending a check made payable to LISSA to:

LISSA c/o Angela Wright
Assistant to the Director
School of Library and Information Science
University of South Carolina
1501 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29208

For mail-in orders, please fill out this form in case we need to contact you with questions regarding your order. Quantities are limited and hand packaged, so please allow a few extra days for delivery.

On behalf of all of our LISSA members and aspiring librarians, I would like to extend my gratitude for your support.


-Morgan Kinder
LISSA president, 2013-2014

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