Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Colloquium

If you missed the September colloquium, then you missed an awesome opportunity to hear techniques for getting your (future) archive or library catalog extra internet attention. In the past few years, Brian Cuthrell has been working to bring more attention to USC's awesome South Caroliniana library.
Perhaps his biggest suggestion is to piggy-back on a larger/related collection. He showed examples from the South Caroliniana catalog of links to fellow academic archives (Duke University) and local resources (Lowcountry Digital Library). Brian explained how these links create a greater web experience for patrons and… it just makes logical sense to create a link between two university catalogs if each has a document related to a specific South Carolina army base, for example.
I personally think this also means that archiving is just one big happy family! :)

Brian also made the following practical suggestions when cataloguing digital artifacts:
*Identify as much about the item as possible
*Avoid ambiguous language
*Use standard headings but also cross reference with common language search terms
*Sort items in a logical way
*Be accurate and specific

Brian ended by mentioning that "maybe we spoon feed our researchers but..."
I, quite frankly, didn't need to hear anymore because that is far from a negative remark in regards to library and information science.

I would say that it is one of the highest compliments because it means that people are finding what they need/want.... what else is there?!?

These are just a couple notes that I wanted to pass along for you unfortunate people who were unable to attend.

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