Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Library/Information Studies Student Stipend for Registration Fees for MLA2010

The District of Columbia Area Health Sciences Libraries is offering a stipend for one graduate library/information studies school student to attend the MLA 2010 conference in Washington, DC May 21-26, 2010. The stipend will cover the full conference registration fee at the MLA student rate ($195) plus the MLA student membership fee ($40) for 2010 and a one-year membership in DCAHSL. Transportation, meals and other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

About Us: District of Columbia Area Health Sciences Libraries (DCAHSL) - formerly called the District of Columbia Health Sciences Information Network (DOCHSIN) - is the only local organization in the metropolitan D.C. area offering membership to both institutions and individuals involved in the field of health sciences information. Formed in 1973 as a cooperative effort between the three D.C. medical schools and their affiliated hospitals, its initial goal was to foster resource sharing and joint projects. That goal continues today in response to the rapidly evolving technologies and ever-changing economy of the health care industry. During the past 29 years membership has expanded to include librarians, libraries, organizations and individuals interested in health sciences information. DCAHSL's purpose is:

**To exchange ideas and discuss problems and issues of concern to health science libraries and librarians.

**To promote a more thorough knowledge of health sciences librarianship by instructive programming and sponsorship of continuing education courses.

**To encourage and establish cooperative resource sharing projects among members.

Eligibility: Applicants must be a currently enrolled graduate library/information studies school student who lives, works or attends school in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Students who live or work in the DC metro area and attend school through an online or commuter program outside the area are eligible to apply.

Requirements: The student who is awarded the stipend must:

1. Provide a brief report on her/his conference experiences at the June 28, 2010 DCAHSL meeting. The report can include a summary of interesting sessions attended, networking connections made, career opportunities identified, or other experiences. [If attendance is not possible at the June 28 DCAHSL meeting, a written report may be submitted.]

2. Volunteer at the MLA2010 Hospitality Booth for at least a two-hour session during the conference.

Application Process: Applicants must submit on or before April 15th an email application including a short statement (no more than 200 words) describing her/his interest in medical or health sciences librarianship and what she/he hopes to gain by attending the conference. The email application should include the following: Name, Address, School, and E-mail address.

Interest Statement: no more than 200 words about your interest in medical or health sciences librarianship and what you hope to gain by attending the conference

Also include this section:

"I certify that I am currently enrolled as a student in a graduate program in library/information studies. I understand that if I am awarded the stipend, I will be responsible for all expenses other than the student registration fee, I will volunteer for at least two hours at the MLA2010 Hospitality Booth, and I will provide a brief report of my experiences at the Conference at the June 28 DCAHSL meeting.

Signature: (type your name to certify your understanding of the above statement)"

DUE DATE: Submit your application by April 15 by email to Elizabeth Norton at

QUESTIONS: Please contact Elizabeth Norton at if you have any questions.

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