Friday, November 13, 2009

Mildly Attractive Men of SLIS Calendar Now Available To Order!

Calendar Cover

Another year, another calendar to choose for your wall. Would you like some puppies in a basket? Perhaps a gallery of assorted fruits with faces drawn on them? Well, forget about them! The mildly attractive gentlemen attending USC have assembled for your viewing pleasure throughout 2010, arranging themselves in iconic poses from the history of film. And, lest you think the calendar is all sticks and veggies, witness some of the beef we've got...

Bill's Page

Wow, all that and more? (It's ok if you're not even reading at this point; just click "Add to Cart" and we'll be even) Does the calendar include important ALA and SCLA dates so you can plan the year's conferences around a bevy of ALA-certified grade-A guybrarians? Look no further! There's even a convenient button below to make the process as painless as taking a masters student "between the stacks."

All proceeds from sales will be used to fund SLIS students' attendance at major conferences, assuring you can meet them in person!

(Pricing: $12 per calendar, $3 shipping or purchase directly from Davis College and its LISSA officers)

UPDATE 12-17-09: Please be aware that quantities from the first printing of the Mildly Attractive Men of SLIS 2010 are currently sold out. We will make another print of them to sell at the beginning of the year. Sorry for the inconvenience but THANK YOU to the overwhelming response on this year's calendar! We will update this blog post with more information. If you don't mind waiting, please feel free to place your order. We will send you an email to let you know if there is a delay.
UPDATE 1-12-10: A new batch of Calendars has been ordered and should be here by next week! Get excited! Tell your friends!

UPDATE 2-5-10: After a bit more wait and deliberation, the new batch is in!!! Order away!


  1. This is by far the best calendar concept ever! And I can only hope one is nestled beneath my stocking this year...

    (Hope you don't mind, but I put out a little post about it:

  2. There's nothing better than people with a good sense of humor. Great calendar!

  3. Incredible! I did my undergrad at USC, and now I'm wishing I did my MLS here too!

    Mmmm, guybrarian pin-ups in my office. =)

  4. Awesome, calendar, guys! The Librarians Without Borders group at the University of Western Ontario have also made a calendar called "Librarians Letting Loose" to raise funds for a library we're building in Costs Rica this Spring.

    We're working on getting a more complete preview on our website, but here's a taste:

    Maybe we could trade calendars? :)


  5. I love, love, LOVE this! As a recent SLIS graduate from CUA in DC, I am recommending to lots of friends and professional colleagues buy this. It is not only a hilarious nerdy-cool gift, but it shows a serious investment in outreach and creative fundraising.