Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ALA Posts 12 New Videos

From ALA's Student Members blog:

AL Focus has published several new videos, including a series of 12 new videos on ALA Connect, produced by members of the Emerging Leaders program. The videos are:

Dog Loving Librarians Who Knit and Watch Lost: Creating Communities in ALA Connect

Using ALA Connect with Your Existing Social Media Tools

Profiles and Networks: Finding People on ALA Connect

Manage Your ALA Commitments

Online Docs: Collaborative Document Editing on ALA Connect

What's New with Other Groups

What's New with My Groups: Finding and Featuring Group Information on ALA Connect

Finding New Groups that Might Interest You

Keeping Up with Connect: What's Going On

ALA Connect for LIS Students

ALA Connect for Non ALA Members

ALA Connect Promotional Video

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