Monday, February 9, 2009

Interesting article on traveling librarianship

The introduction to a recent article AALL spectrum:

"In recent years, the local judicial branch law libraries in Colorado were
discontinued. The reasons for this varied. First, the libraries were expensive to maintain, and the courts lacked the professional staff to manage them. Second, the courts needed the space that the libraries occupied for courtrooms, conference rooms, and office space. Third, and most importantly, the courts acknowledged the reality that most users were turning to online resources to answer their legal research questions. However, this approach created problems.

First, online resources could not answer all of the research questions confronting the judiciary. In particular, they lacked resources to answer the more difficult questions that required the depth and breadth provided by treatises. Second, many users needed training to formulate the more sophisticated queries to locate relevant authority. To address the shortcomings of this environment, the Colorado Supreme Court Law Library created the Traveling Librarian Program."

The entire article is available online.

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