Saturday, February 28, 2009

Charleston volunteer opportunity

The Citadel's library will experience a renovation this spring/summer. In preparation we will need to shift pretty much the entire collection. I'm just starting to look at options for getting 10-20 people who don't mind handling books to help for a short time (2-5 days). We’ll be starting to shift the 1st floor collection very soon (maybe this week). We are scheduled to have empty ranges/shelving units taken down on April 20, so I’m looking at the first 2 weeks in April to shift the 2nd floor. Possibly the end of March, and if students would rather come individually, as convenient for them, afternoons and evenings are best. Weekends (especially Sunday afternoons/evenings) are possible with a little more planning.

If you are interested in helping out, please email Kirstin Steele <> very soon and let her know your interest. She is looking for volunteers with any level of familiarity with Library of Congress classification system. This is a great chance to become familiar with the LC system and help out a fellow library!

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