Friday, January 30, 2009

LISSA Elections - Call for Candidates

Hi all,

As the Spring semester really starts to swing we have some very important LISSA news!

The LISSA Executive staff has decided to hold the LISSA Officers Election early this year...this is your opportunity to help lead LISSA (your student association and face of SLIS to the Carolina community) in the '09-'10 school year and gain excellent organizational experience at the same time!

The reason for early elections is to assist in the transition period for the new Executive staff, so that those elected can "understudy" with the current officers, and help maintain our level of quality in our professional student association.

Here's what we need to get this ball rolling, folks:

First off we need an Elections Commissioner to oversee the entire process. This person will be appointed by me and can not be anyone running for office in the upcoming election (though it can be a current officer). Please email me off list ( if you are interested. (P.s. SLIS grad Patrick McLaughlin has graciously volunteered to help train the new Elections Commissioner once chosen, so do not worry if you aren't familiar with the art and science of elections)

Also, we obviously need you to run for an office! We will be electing posts for President, Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary. For more information on what responsibilities are involved with each office, please read the LISSA Constitution (downloadable here: ) 2 lists the offices and duties.

Be thinking of what offices may interest you and I'll hopefully have an Elections Commissioner in the near future that will handle all nominations and such heading into the election proper.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the upcoming elections, or for that matter any LISSA questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at !

Good luck to all in their SLIS studies this semester.


Mike Lee
LISSA Acting-President

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