Sunday, April 27, 2008

THANK YOU to all who helped with the Latino Children's Literature Conference

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to all of the students, staff, and
faculty who helped make the First Annual Celebration of Latino Children's
Literature Conference a HUGE success. I would especially like to thank
Carolyn for her help with all the conference logistics including
planning the menu, renting the facility, handling the finances, and covering
the registration table.

Thank you to Liz for the beautiful job on the conference website and
for being photographer extraordinaire on Saturday. Thank you to Jill for
your help with all the signage and thanks to both Liz and Jill for all
your technical support. Thank you to both Pat and Donna for your moral
support, encouragement, and extra hands throughout the day. Thank you
to Nonie and Laura for handling all the paperwork for the conference and
to Adam for making all the badges.

Thank you to Travis and all the LISSA Students for your help stuffing
bags, running the conference table, setting up, taking down, and
decorating Prestons. Thank you to my GA Marshall for helping me with all the
grunt work getting all the zillion heavy boxes from my office to the
Russell House.

My special thanks to Sam for co-sponsoring the conference with the
College of Education and for your moral support. Thank you to the rest of
the faculty for your warm thoughts and your words of encouragement.
Thanks to the PhD Students and Faculty who presented at the conference on

AND thank you to all the numerous other students, staff, and faculty
that helped make the conference an amazing event. I know I've surely
forgotten to mention someone in my weary state of recovery. Nonetheless, I
sincerely appreciate all the help that I've received. I truly am
thankful for you all!


Jamie Naidoo

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