Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Greatest Happy Hour of All Time! Friday, April 25th at 7 pm

Hello all,

This is the big one! The one you have been waiting for! The outdoor
cookout spectacular! Already we have some kind librarians bringing veggie
dishes and veggie burgers, different kinds of meat, and assorted food
items that will be burnt on a grill, but please feel free to help end
our starving grad student stomachs by providing soda/water, cups, and
chips, chips, snacks (thought I was going to say chips there, didn't you?)

The cookout will be at Ernest Greene's house which is behind Harper's
in 5 points.

I am guessing 7 pm will be an appropriate time, but keep checking the
listserv in case that changes. Also, expect a good deal of lawn golf
tournaments. If you haven't played that yet, you haven't fully utilizied
your back yard.

Hope to see you there,
As always swing me any questions,
As always have a wonderful day,


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