Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call for an intern with Dallas Public Library's Every Child Ready to Read @ Dallas

Contact pfeehan@gwm.sc.edu if interested.
Dr. Pat Feehan

I am looking for an intern or someone who wants to do an independent study.

As you know the last intern we had here from USC was fantastic and has recently been selected as the children’s librarian at a great branch of the system.

My new role as Communications Coordinator is part of the Dallas Arts Learning Initiative, a multi-organizational partnership to bring arts and arts education to Dallas citizens in all the places and ways they learn. As arts and literacy have a direct positive correlations, the Dallas Public Library launched Every Child Ready to Read @ Dallas.


Together with our partners organizations we are conducting workshops (based on the PLA ECRR program) at libraries, recreation centers, agencies, and cultural centers among others throughout the city. We have already trained nearly 100 facilitators to conduct the workshops and are working to reach 10,000 by the end of year one. Because I’m working with so many different groups, the logistics are complicated. I am looking for someone to assist with the communication with our locations, marketing of the workshops to groups in the area of the workshop including creating fliers for each location, and data entry of all our participants which is how we will conduct evaluation.

There are some great opportunities for someone to learn about a program that is so expansive and will really be great for the children of Dallas . If they are local, there would be more hands-on opportunities to assist with workshops and training.

Any other ideas, thoughts, questions, just let me know!


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