Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Version Congress Programme Available! IFLA Quebec 10-15 August 2008

The first Version of the Congress Programme is now available from the
IFLA website.

Please look at: http://www.ifla.org/IV/ifla74/Programme2008.htm

More details will be added in the next weeks.

Josche Ouwerkerk
Conference Officer

J753 Seminar in Information Services in Summer I 2007 (June 2 to July 3) – Monday and Wednesday, 6:00 PM to 7:50 PM

J753 Seminar in Information Services in Summer I 2007 (June 2 to July
3) – Monday and Wednesday, 6:00 PM to 7:50 PM

Enjoy the convenience of taking the J753 Seminar in Information
Services during the summer. J753 will bring you up to date on the latest
developments in reference, information, and research services in a variety
of libraries. You will learn how to better serve your users and how
you can continue to stay current in a quickly changing technology
environment. You will learn how to:

* select, evaluate, and access electronic reference information systems

* negotiate a site license for these systems

* create information service policies

* develop advanced problem-solving skills by using various general and
subject databases

* oversee the design and provision of library education programs

* assess the needs of your users

* use Web 2.0/Web 3.0 and Library2.0 to enhance your information
services, including library applications in the Second Life World

* evaluate your services and create service liaisons to your user

* continue to develop professionally

Approach to Course: A combination of lectures, class activities,
discussion, and projects.

* Lectures and course materials (electronic- and/or text-based) will be
uploaded to the course Blackboard (BB) web site on Mondays and/or

* Several online class sessions will be held throughout the semester on
Mondays or Wednesdays.

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday (6:00 pm -7:50 pm)

Course Venue: Adobe® Connect™ (aka Breeze Meeting), Second Life
World, course Blackboard, and e-mail

Onsite: TBA

* If there is an onsite, I will arrange a virtual onsite for those who
cannot come to onsite physically.

Textbook and Readings: You won’t have to buy a textbook. The
required readings in full-text format are posted on the course Blackboard.

Course Resources: J753 is offered on the web. Lectures and course
materials (electronic- and/or text-based) will be uploaded to the course
Blackboard (BB) web site on Mondays or Wednesdays during the Summer I
2008 semester.

Online sessions and office hours will be held on Adobe® Connect™ and
in the Second Life World:

* Adobe® Connect™ is an online meeting and collaboration system; it
provides a live chatting environment for information exchange and
sharing. Computer files and WWW resources can be used with this system.
Online lectures will be delivered via Adobe® Connect™.

o Even though this new technology will be used, you will not be
required to do any system upgrading, purchase any specific software, or
download any plug-in components.

* I will use a microphone and a webcam to deliver a live class to
students during the online class sessions.

* Adobe® Connect™ provides “live talk-back” functions. You
are encouraged to have your own microphones and participate in online
discussions during the online class sessions. However, you are not
required to do this.

* Online class sessions will be archived in web-based format. The
class archives will be posted to the course BB.

* Second Life® is a 3-D virtual world. Users are logged in to the
world by using their avatars. For this class, class avatars have been
created for student access. Various kinds of training materials are
available as references. An orientation session will be held to help
students learn how to use the Second Life World.

* Suggested minimum technology requirements:

o It is highly recommended that you have high-speed Internet access
(including DSL and Cable Modem). Note: even though you are able to use
dial-up access, the low bandwidth will impose various barriers and cause
technical glitches, sometimes interrupting your access to online class

o Your computer, a high-end machine, can be either PC or Mac platform
with peripheral device (e.g., mouse, speakers, etc.). Note: if your
computer is over five years old, you might encounter some problems
regarding a slow access rate.

o You need to have speakers and/or earphones with your computer because
you need to have a working sound-output device to hear my online

Note: If you have any questions, please contact me at tuf@gwm.sc.edu.
I look forward to seeing you online this summer.

Feili Tu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Deaf Friendly Public Libraries

Deaf411 Launches “Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S. Project
What does a city need to accommodate Deaf residents?

NEW YORK CITY (Deaf411) - April 28, 2008 - Moving to a new town can be a stressful experience for anyone. Challenges are greater for people with hearing loss who seek businesses, restaurants, and social networks that are accessible to them. It is estimated there are 28 million Americans who have a hearing loss.

This research project, "Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.", announced today is a first step towards meeting the need for a comprehensive network of information to assist with relocation planning. By identifying services and businesses that are considered "deaf-friendly" or are "communication accessible", potential consumers, who may be deaf or have a hearing loss, will have the tools critical to making informed decisions.

Deaf411, a marketing and public relations company, has launched an internet video website with an online survey. This survey is part of their research to compile a report of "Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S." which will be made available to interested consumers free of charge.

This research will involve identifying criteria of what a deaf person
living in any city needs in terms of accessibility and general services;
compilation of services and resources needed in that city,
identifying and listing cities with proven track records of providing such services;
attitudinal considerations, and other factors involved in determining what
constitutes an ideal city that is fully accessible.

Areas covered in this project will include employment, government,
business, and community services and opportunities. In the video at
www.deaf411online.com/6.html, Michel Swafford describes some factors that a consumer who is deaf or has a hearing loss face when they move to a new city.
Findings of the online survey and correlating research will provide a powerful tool
for professionals and businesses with clientele who are pre-dominantly
deaf or have a hearing loss.

Two Free SLA Student Memberships

Free SLA Student Memberships

Are you (or do you know) a Library/Information Science student
interested in Sci-Tech Librarianship? The Student Relations Committee
of the Sci-Tech Division of SLA is offering two FREE one-year
memberships in SLA (includes affiliation with the Sci-Tech Division as
well as one chapter affiliation). To be eligible for one of the free
student memberships, all you have to do is come up with some creative
& relevant ways that the Sci-Tech Division should engage with
library/information science students who are looking forward to a
career in Sci-Tech librarianship. Check out what we already do at the
Sci-Tech Division website:

To apply, send your creative ideas, along with your name, email, phone
number, address, and the library/information science program in which
you are enrolled to hilary_davis@ncsu.edu. Deadline: May 25th, 2008

If you are not selected for one of the two free memberships, you can
still become connected to a wealth of professional development
opportunities, colleagues, and mentors by applying for the SLA
one-year student membership ($35/year). Visit

Monday, April 28, 2008

Augusta Baker Endowed Chair -- Dr. Jeanne Cobb's & Dr. Nancy Tolson's Presentations

Dr. Jeanne Cobb and Dr. Nancy Tolson's
presentations can be found at



Dr. Pat Feehan

International Calendar of Information Science Conferences

This is a periodic reminder to post your event and look for conferences

around the world in the:



Over 500 conferences listed in the past year!
Over 75 countries hosting events on all continents!
Over 80 countries represented by visitors to the Calendar!
Over 9,000 visits a month!

If you work in the information sciences and related disciplines
(libraries,archives, museums, information and communication technology,
telecommunications, etc.), be sure to stay up to date on the latest
opportunities to learn and share your work throughout the world by
regularly checking (RSS available) and posting your events in the
Calendar. Help colleagues by registering the conferences you are
aware of in case they are not listed.

If your favourite conference or the one you organise is not listed, be
to let us know of your event. There are three ways to submit events.
See the FAQ here: http://icisc.neasist.org/about.html.


The "Quick Calendar" is a static version of the calendar grouped by
date and by region: http://icisc.neasist.org/quickcalendar.html ...
which is great for a quick glance and for slower connection speeds
or printing.


Use the Calendar to coordinate events with other groups. Feel free to
"PROPOSED" events. *We encourage you to enter your events directly*:


The Calendar is a nonprofit collaboration between the International
Information Issues Special Interest Group and the European and New
England chapters of the American Society for Information Science and
Technology(http://www.asist.org), with the additional support of
Haworth Press (http://haworthpress.com/library/).

Thank you for bookmarking and/or subscribing to the International
Calendar of Information Science Conferences (http://icisc.neasist.org/)
and sharing this message with your colleagues!


Caryn Anderson
Michel Menou
Athanasia Pontika

Sunday, April 27, 2008

THANK YOU to all who helped with the Latino Children's Literature Conference

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to all of the students, staff, and
faculty who helped make the First Annual Celebration of Latino Children's
Literature Conference a HUGE success. I would especially like to thank
Carolyn for her help with all the conference logistics including
planning the menu, renting the facility, handling the finances, and covering
the registration table.

Thank you to Liz for the beautiful job on the conference website and
for being photographer extraordinaire on Saturday. Thank you to Jill for
your help with all the signage and thanks to both Liz and Jill for all
your technical support. Thank you to both Pat and Donna for your moral
support, encouragement, and extra hands throughout the day. Thank you
to Nonie and Laura for handling all the paperwork for the conference and
to Adam for making all the badges.

Thank you to Travis and all the LISSA Students for your help stuffing
bags, running the conference table, setting up, taking down, and
decorating Prestons. Thank you to my GA Marshall for helping me with all the
grunt work getting all the zillion heavy boxes from my office to the
Russell House.

My special thanks to Sam for co-sponsoring the conference with the
College of Education and for your moral support. Thank you to the rest of
the faculty for your warm thoughts and your words of encouragement.
Thanks to the PhD Students and Faculty who presented at the conference on

AND thank you to all the numerous other students, staff, and faculty
that helped make the conference an amazing event. I know I've surely
forgotten to mention someone in my weary state of recovery. Nonetheless, I
sincerely appreciate all the help that I've received. I truly am
thankful for you all!


Jamie Naidoo

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lubuto Library Project Update in Seattle at the Annual SLA Conference

Lubuto Library Project Update in Seattle

An outpouring of SLA members’ support after Jane Kinney Meyers was presented with the 2007 Dow Jones Leadership Award in Denver has propelled the Lubuto Library Project forward on many fronts, with almost $40,000 in SLA individual and chapter donations ($85,000 including all information and book professionals) fueling our innovative operations. One such donation came “in recognition of what members of SLA can accomplish to help library users around the world.” And in addition to many large and small financial donors, dozens of SLA members volunteer their time and expertise to organize events that dramatically broaden our capacity to engage top-notch professionalism in service to some of the world’s most marginalized children.

At the Annual Conference in Seattle, we would like to thank all of you, show you what your contributions have helped accomplish, and discuss our plans for the future – but still ensure that your investment in Lubuto continues to bolster our program directly. Thanks to the sustained generosity and underwriting of Dow Jones and Co., we will be able to do just that! Jane Meyers and Ann Sweeney will be at the Dow Jones booth (no. 401) in the INFO-EXPO during all of the conference’s scheduled exhibition non-conflict times to thank you in person and give you a DVD of the opening event for the first Lubuto Library. We also hope to engage new SLA supporters as well, and have lots of exciting news to impart, including about:

  • the 1st Lubuto Library in Lusaka;
  • Zambian government and private sector support to Lubuto;
  • partnerships with other organizations and countries for future libraries; and
  • how the libraries are catalysts for Zambians to serve their vulnerable children.


An Invitation from the Dean of the Graduate School

The Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Buggy has invited us to meet with
Andrew Comrie, PhD, Dean of the Graduate College at University of
Arizona, Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, and Associate Vice
President for Research.

Dr. Comrie is visiting at the invitation of the Provost's Graduate
School Study Group which has been commissioned by the Provost to examine
the role of the Graduate School at USC and has asked to meet with
graduate students. Information about Dr. Comrie can be found at:

Please join us on April 30 from 1:30 - 2:30 at Byrnes 305.

RVSPs are required since space is limited.

Alison Mc Letchie
Graduate Assistant, The Graduate School &
Treasurer, Graduate Student Association
E-mail: gradstso@gwm.sc.edu

Lubuto Library Project Volunteers Needed for Sunday, April 27th at 10 am in Davis College


This is Travis. I need some people to help out with the Lubuto Library Project this Sunday, April 27th starting at 10 am in Davis College.

It is very light bibliographic research, and I will have pizza. I really need 10 people to help out, each to do update one or two bibliographies. It isn't hard work, and it would really help me out if folks could give two or three hours this Sunday.

Please contact me off the list at slis_lissa@yahoo.com if you will come, so that I will know how much pizza to have.

Thanks and have a nice day,


Course Evaluations


This is a reminder that the course evaluations will close on 25 April
2008. We know that you are very busy completing projects for the spring
semester. It is important for our accreditation that we have
completed evaluations. We are requesting that you take a few minutes to
complete the course evaluations.

Thank you,


The Greatest Happy Hour of All Time! Friday, April 25th at 7 pm

Hello all,

This is the big one! The one you have been waiting for! The outdoor
cookout spectacular! Already we have some kind librarians bringing veggie
dishes and veggie burgers, different kinds of meat, and assorted food
items that will be burnt on a grill, but please feel free to help end
our starving grad student stomachs by providing soda/water, cups, and
chips, chips, snacks (thought I was going to say chips there, didn't you?)

The cookout will be at Ernest Greene's house which is behind Harper's
in 5 points.

I am guessing 7 pm will be an appropriate time, but keep checking the
listserv in case that changes. Also, expect a good deal of lawn golf
tournaments. If you haven't played that yet, you haven't fully utilizied
your back yard.

Hope to see you there,
As always swing me any questions,
As always have a wonderful day,


News Coverage of the Latino Children's Literature Conference this weekend

I wanted to share the following with you. WLTX-TV came to DavisCollege today and interviewed Julia Lopez-Robertson and I about the
Latino Child Lit conference.

Below is the link for the Latino conference story on WLTX.

"Thanks for the wonderful interviews yesterday. I think the story
turned out nicely. It will air tomorrow morning at 6am, and again at 5pm
and part of it may air tonight at 11pm.. You can also see the written
story and the full video streamed online. Just go to:
http://www.wltx.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=61238 "



Monday, April 21, 2008

SLIS J757 - Fall semester Information

Hello - all of you early birds - who have been asking for the syllabus
and reading list for SLISJ757 - Young Adult Literature. I love your enthusiasm but it will be a little while before those are ready.

You will receive a reading list in enough time to spend your summer
reading YA titles at a leisurely pace, however, it is not ready at this

Stay tuned. I will let folks who have registered for the course know
when it is available on Blackboard.

Thank you and....good bye for now.


Dr. Pat Feehan
Associate Professor

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful Job Opportunities for Librarians; Federal and Armed Services; Locations throughout the World; USAJOBS (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Greetings all!

There are a great deal of fabulous employment opportunities for
Librarians right now with the Federal Government. Jobs are located
throughout the world and offer EXCELLENT benefits and pay.

For more information, and to apply, go to:

Search Jobs with key word: Librarian

To see all opportunities, leave the Location field empty; the search
will then pull up every announcement for Librarian within the Federal

I've had a fantastic experience working as a Federal Librarian and want
to encourage others to check it out...



Susanna Joyner, MLIS, ED.S
Library Director, Recreation Division-DFMWR
DSN: 780-6993/2449
COMM: 706-791-6993/2449
FAX: 706-791-3282
DFMWR - www.fortgordon.com
Woodworth Consolidated Library - http://gordon.army.mil/dhr/library

Graduate Assistants Needed for the South Carolina Center for Children's Books and Literacy

Graduate Assistant Needed:

At SC Center for Children's Books and Literacy to work on a grant
funded project. Activities will include building a literacy database
and working on community information literacy outreach programs for
Orangeburg County. Work can begin either in Summer I or Summer II and
position would continue through the fall semester. Pay is $8.50 per
hour. Please contact Ellen Shuler at 803-734-8207 if you are
interested. Individual must live in Columbia area. This is a 10 hour
per week position.

Graduate Assistant Needed:

For general work at the SC Center for Children's Books and Literacy.
Individual will help process incoming books, shelve books, and assist
with overall activities of the Center. Be prepared to work quickly and
be a self-starter! You will get hands on experience with children*s
books! Outgoing personality and creative spirit desired!
Position will begin Summer I with possibility of continuing into fall
semester. Individual must live in Columbia are. 10 hours per week.
Please contact Ellen Shuler at 803-734-8207 if interested.

Farewell Celebration for Dr. and Mrs. Sorensen

Farewell Celebration for Dr. and Mrs. Sorensen

Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time: 3 - 4:30 p.m.

Location: Davis Field (Beside Russell House)

Free Food and Fun

As we conclude this academic year, I ask that you take a moment to
reflect on your individual achievements as well as the accomplishments
we have made collectively as a university community. In this time of
celebration, we extend great appreciation to a person whose guidance
and support has benefited our institution in countless ways.

For the past six years, Dr. Andrew A. Sorensen's contributions have
been at the core of our University's success-new University initiatives
including the establishment of the Office of Undergraduate Research,
the Capstone Scholars Program, and the Gamecock Guarantee have been
implemented under his term. While we are sad to see him conclude his
tenure as president, we can truly say that our university is a better
place because of his leadership.

I would like to extend an invitation to you, to help us bid farewell to
Dr. Sorensen and his wife, Mrs. Donna Sorensen, as they embark upon a
new journey. There will be a farewell celebration on Tuesday, April 22
from 3 to 4:30 p.m. on Davis Field, beside the Russell House. I hope
that you will join us on this day to thank the Sorensens for their
contributions to the University South Carolina.

J730 Fall Semester


SLIS J730 Cataloging Information Materials has been added to the fall
schedule. Mary Cross will be the instructor, it will be a web-based
course, and there will be mandatory chat sessions Mondays, 6:00-7:50.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LISSA Officer Photos for Winning ALA Student Chapter of the Year 04/16/08

Here are some pictures taken by the College of Mass Communications and Informaiton Studies because LISSA won ALA Student Chapter of the Year.

LISSA Symposium Speaker: Jane Meyers President of the Lubuto Library Project -- 04/02/08

Pictures of Ms. Jane Meyers' LISSA Symposium lecture are now available here.


I-COMM: PR in the Info Age Speaker: Dr. Paul Lieber 04/01/08

Pictures for Dr. Paul Lieber's I-COMM Event, "PR in the Info Age," are now available here.

SLIS Colloquium Speaker: Steve Leight of Collexis 03/27/08

Pictures for the Steve Leight / Collexis Colloquium are now available here.

Exam Open for Archivist Positions in Pennsylvania

Anyone getting ready to graduate and looking for a job - here is an opportunity to get on a state employment civil service list as eligible for pretty good jobs. Those of you interested in other regions or states might check out the "employment" or "jobs" section on individual state archives' web pages to see whether you might need to be doing something like this NOW for future job openings where you want to find employment.


Constance B. Schulz


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring LISSA Election Results Announced

LISSA has had a terrific year. All of the current LISSA officers will
be attending the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, California this
summer to accept our Student Chapter of the Year Award. We owe our
success both to the hard work and dedication of everyone currently
involved in LISSA and to the initiative and work of all of our
previous officers. It is because of all of you that we have achieved
so much this year, and we are very grateful.

With the announcement of our newly elected officers, we want to say
that this organization will be left in extremely capable hands. We are
confident that with their leadership and creativity, along with the
continuous devotion and support of our faculty advisor, Dr. Feili Tu,
next year will be even better for LISSA than the last. It is with
great pleasure that we will hand the torch over to our new officers:

Grant David Keyes, President
Mike Lee, Vice President
Ernest Greene, Treasurer
Tara Smith, Secretary

Congratulations to all of the officers-elect!

Consider J733 Serials as a replacement for J729 Academic Libraries

I know that many of you have been disappointed that J729 was taken off the Fall schedule and was replaced with J733 Serials. As I teach both courses, I'd like to encourage those of you who would have taken Academic Libraries to take the Serials course instead.

The refereed journal article is the chief medium for distributing scientific and other scholarly information. The world is changing, both in how journals are made available and how scholars interact with each other in the online environment. It is for that reason that I have made a request to the Curriculum Committee to consider a change to the title of the course to Serials and Scholarly Communication. Anyone who will provide information services in the academic or research environment should understand how scholars communicate their findings and the role of the library in that process.

For more "advisement" information about this and other classes in technical services, go to http://www.heidihoerman.com/tselectives.html

Feel free to email me at heidihoerman@yahoo.com or call me at (803) 695-2814 if you want to discuss how these courses might fit into your program of study.

Resource to help find calls for papers

This website may be a helpful resource for you:

Alison Mc Letchie
Graduate Assistant, The Graduate School &
Treasurer, Graduate Student Association

Friday, April 11, 2008

Women's Leadership Institute


The USC Graduate School just sent the following information about the Women's Leadership Institute. Just click on the link below. Have a nice day,



Looking for part time student help

Carlisle Associates Inc. in Columbia

T.R. Zanders Jr. AIA

VP - Architecture

Subject: Looking for part time student help.

The student’s work for us would include:

1. Maintain the periodical and hard bound library materials, card catalog and database.

2. Maintain the materials library.

3. Maintain the Construction Specifications Institute database listing the catalogs of materials we have on have for reference.

4. Assist in maintenance of our project records database.

5. Assist in maintenance of our project archives.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss our needs if that would be of help. I can be reached at the numbers below if you would like to call.


Ted Zanders

Carlisle Associates Inc.
803-252-3232, 803-799-9054 (f)

DISCUS Internship

Timeframe: Summer I and Summer II

135 contact hours - Schedule TBD
Location/Work area TBD
Can use visitor parking
Use blogging software for journal of activities
Curtis Rogers will handle overall paperwork/administrative activities
Amy Duernberger will work directly with intern on learning objectives

DISCUS Internship Objectives - Web site audit project

1. Review and update the previously completed audit of public library Web pages to check for effective and complete linking to all DISCUS provided databases

2. Create and conduct an audit of institutions of higher education to check for effective and complete linking to all DISCUS provided databases

3. Work with DISCUS staff to create an effective means of notifying and collaborating with libraries to enhance or make corrections in their linking to DISCUS databases.

The overall goal of this project is to assist libraries in their implementations of DISCUS so that their patrons' ability to be aware of, easily locate and effectively use the DISCUS databases is greatly improved. The results would be increased database usage statewide (as shown by usage reports) and enhanced knowledge of the great resources provided to by DISCUS/the State Library.

Student intern will work very closely with DISCUS contacts and State Library DISCUS staff.

Last LISSA Meeting of the Semester is Tuesday, April 15th at 5:00 pm in Davis College 112 -- Free Refreshments

Event: Next & Last LISSA Meeting of the semester

Date: Tuesday, April 15th

Time: 5:00 pm

Where: Davis College Room 112

Free Refreshments

Please join us for the last LISSA meeting of the semester. It will the last one where I am president, so please come out if you can.

And there will be free goodies.

See you soon,


Next LISSA Meeting Is Tuesday, April 15th at 5:00 pm in Davis College 112 -- Free Refreshments

Event: Next & Last LISSA Meeting of the semester

Date: Tuesday, April 15th at

Time: 5:00 pm

Where: Davis College Room 112

Free Refreshments

Please join us for the last LISSA meeting of the semester. It will the last one where I am president, so please come out if you can.

And there will be free goodies.

See you soon,


Thursday, April 10, 2008

EASI Webinar Snapshot Choosing Reliable Assistive Products

EASI Webinar Snapshot Choosing Reliable Assistive Products
Wed. April 16 2 PM Eastern

President Reagan once said, "Trust but verify!" and this is a good
rule in selecting products whose vendors say are accessible. Section 508 relates
to making purchases and it has tools to help you. The VPAT, Voluntary
Product Accessibility Template, is a device jointly created by the
Information Technology Industries Council and the U.S. General
Services Administration (GSA) to help vendors meet the 508 standards and help
purchasers understand what the vendor is doing to meet those 508

EASI's Webinar Snapshots are short, to-the-point presentations and we
will only begin to scratch the surface of introducing the VPAT. Many of us
have come to associate Section 508 with Web standards, but Section 508
actually has 8 sections dealing with other topics such as video, self contained
devices and more. This Snapshot will give a quick overview of the
Section 508 sub sections and a quick overview of the VPAT. In May the Webinar
Snapshot will introduce the government Services Administration
Accessible Buying Guide.

These Snapshots are a preview for a in-depth 4-part presentation this
fall giving a detailed understanding of the 508 sub sections and of how to
write and understand the Voluntary Product Accessible Template

Check out EASI New Synchronous Clinics:
EASI Home Page http://www.rit.edu/~easi
Online courses and Clinics http://easi.cc/workshop.htm
Check the EASI Library Web http://www.rit.edu/~easi/lib.htm

Designing Documents for Tomorrow's Access Needs

Designing Documents for Tomorrow's Access Needs

Designing Documents for Tomorrow's Access Needs
Scrolls went out with the printing press, and scrolling through
electronic documents is already being replaced by formats that let the reader
jump from chapter to chapter, paragraph to paragraph and select a page and
instantaneously start reading it. Some students with disabilities are
earning the envy of their seeing peers because they can find the item
requested by the teacher faster than they can locate it. Document
navigation is closely related to document structure and document
formats like DAISY that take advantage of it. The recently revised
Individuals With Disabilities Act now has publishers providing K-12 schools with
electronic books using the NIMAS format, a subset of DAISY. While it
is currently being accepted slowly, this will change, and you will need
to know how to create electronic documents in this new and exciting

The Library of Congress is transitioning to digital books in the next
year. Bookshare has received a large grant and will be rapidaly
expanding its DAISY offerings. Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic is also
focusing on digital formats. Students arriving in college will expect that
they will receive their college materials in this format that makes studying easier and more efficient.

The link below will take you to a page with several recorded
presentations by Bookshare, the Library of Congress NLS and presentations demonstrating
the features of DAISY readers:

In May EASI is presenting a 4-part Webinar series that will walk
participants, step by step, on actually creating DAISY documents with
easy-to-use authoring software. This 4-part series is free to EASI
Annual Webinar members. Registration for the 4 hours is $195. (actually it begins at the very end of April!

DAISY Books: You can do it!
Tuesdays, April 29, May 6, 13, 20
Presenter: Karen McCall

Online registration is from the Webinar Page:


Week 1

How can I create DAISY books and content for myself or my students?
What is DAISY? How do I choose an authoring tool? This web seminar explores
The advantages of DAISY content, what type of information can be converted
to DAISY and how to choose your authoring tool and player. Authoring tools
range from high level publishing software like Dolphin's Dolphin Publisher, totheir bare
bones version Dolphin Producer and now Dolphin Converter. IRTI [Innovative
Rehabilitation Technology Inc] has the eClipseWriter software to
create Daisy content. eClipseWriter is the tool used for the other three weeks in
this series. The player used to access the DAISY content also plays a part in what
DAISY format you choose. This week helps get you started!

Week 2

This week we begin by looking at eClipseWriter from IRTI [Innovative
Rehabilitations Technology Inc.]. Topics include:
Overview of the eClipseWriter application.
Preferences and screen reader settings.
Books from audio files.
Books from text files.

Week 3

DAISY books from a Word document.
Adding the structure in Word.
Finishing up in eClipseWriter
Building the book.

Week 4

Adding page numbers.
Adding headings.
Quick Markers.
Adding Graphics.
Building the book.
Create a book from a web page.

Check out EASI New Synchronous Clinics:
EASI Home Page http://www.rit.edu/~easi
Online courses and Clinics http://easi.cc/workshop.htm
Check the EASI Library Web http://www.rit.edu/~easi/lib.htm

Dialog Roger K. Summit Scholarship - $5,000 Award

Applications are now being accepted for Dialog's Roger K. Summit Scholarship for library and information science students in North America . Interested students should start the process immediately: the deadline is April 30 and the process cannot be completed overnight!

The $5,000 award will be presented at the SLA Annual Conference in Seattle , Washington , June 15-18, 2008. The award is named in honor of Dr. Roger K. Summit, founder and chairman emeritus of Dialog, for his outstanding contributions to the field of information science.

The application is available at http://gep.dialog.com/scholarship/application.shtml. For more information, please contact Allison Evatt at allison.evatt@thomson.com.

Allison Evatt, MIS, MEd

Graduate Education Program

National Library Week in Second Life

Hello all,

Next week is national library week.
On April 9th ALA posted a series of events that will be taking place in Second Life.



Archivist Position in Montana

Dear USC Archivists - don't know if any of you are interested in going to Montana, but this is an interesting 1-year position.


Constance B. Schulz


Position Number: 51730075
Location: HELENA, MT
Job Status: Full Time Temporary
Salary: $29,093.00 to $32,617.00

Additional Salary Info: This position is funded for 1 year (12 months). May continue if future funding becomes available.


The Photograph Archivist works to ensure that negatives, prints, slides, and other historical photographic images are collected, preserved, and made available for current and future patrons. The Photograph Archivist reviews and assesses donated materials to determine their condition and historical value. Applies archival management theories and methods in determining how collections or images should be cataloged. This includes the physical preparation of materials for long-term preservation and care by arranging and housing them according to national photograph archives standards that are consistent with conditions and technology available within the agency. The Photograph Archivist identifies materials requiring supplemental preservation. Produces standardized cataloging in accordance with national library/archives standards for submission to the Montana Historical Society's online catalogs. Conducts complex historical research on and compiles histories of individuals, grou!

ps, institutions, or businesses to provide a context for newly processed collections or images. Applies archival theories to write descriptive inventories, indices, and other professionally approved reference materials in accordance with national and agency standards for the use of staff, researchers, and state employees. Helps to determine priorities of photograph collections or images for processing, based on knowledge of research needs, agency priorities, historical significance, and professional standards. This requires a sound knowledge of current and projected patrons' research needs, agency priorities, historical significance, and professional archival science and library cataloging standards for graphic materials.


A thorough knowledge of modern archival theory, standards, and practices and their implementation. This knowledge includes an understanding of appraisal methods, arrangement and description, cataloging, preservation, access and outreach. * Knowledge of current and historic photographic processes and their individual preservation requirements. * Sound knowledge of Montana and/or American history. * An understanding of historical research methods in both primary and secondary resources, including photographic research. * Ability to communicate both simple and complex ideas effectively, both orally and in writing, to people with various degrees of knowledge of archival theories and of historic research ability. * Thorough knowledge of electronic information systems and specialized technology related to archival cataloging and patron information retrieval systems, including MARC and EAD.


This position requires skills and abilities typically acquired through a Bachelor's degree in history, American studies, or a related field and the completion of a Master's degree in Library Science, history or a related field that includes an emphasis upon archival science.

Closing Date: 04/25/2008

Applications must be received by 5:00pm on the closing date.
Apply to your Local Montana Job Service Center

- OR -

PO Box 201201
HELENA, MT 59620-1201

Phone: (406)444--2697
Fax: (406) 444-2696
E-mail: mbannon@mt.gov

Application materials required initially for this position include the following:

Signed and completed State of Montana Employment Application (PD-25, Rev. 5/2003 or later). Portions of the application may be photocopied if legible (see application page 1 for instructions).

For additional information, please see the Montana State Job Listing at:


Archivist Position in New Jersey

This job is in New Jersey - but looks like a good job for the right person. Many of you wouldn't have the five years of requested experience - but a number of you might, and you can certainly count your assistantship experience here.


Archivist - IEEE (Piscataway, New Jersey, U.S.)

ArchivistIEEE is the world’s leading professional association for the
advancement of technology. Our core purpose is to foster
technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Our 1000-member staff serves 375,000+ members in 160 countries. Among
the career disciplines on our staff are publishing and product
management, intellectual property sales, marketing and
communications, information technology and business administration,
government relations and human resources, educational activities and
technical standards, and membership development and support.

Through the dedication of our members, we’re proud to be the world’s
leading authority in technical areas, and want to add you to our
success story! We are seeking an Archivist in our History Center in
Piscataway, NJ.


* Maintain the IEEE Archives (institutional records with additional
images and other historical material).

* Work with other IEEE staff to develop and carry out archival policy.

* Manage the IEEE Oral History program (including cooperation with
IEEE.tv in producing interview-based programming).

* Maintain the web pages on the IEEE web site relating to IEEE
history and to the activities of the History Center and serves as the
liaison with IEEE IT to support History Center information systems.

* Research and produce scholarly and outreach material on IEEE
history, and respond to public requests for information

* Assist the Staff Director in supporting volunteer activity and
developing and maintaining volunteer relationships.

* Carry out other special projects as needed.


* College degree required, major in history or related field preferred.

* Advanced degree desirable, preferably in history, library science,
or related field.

* Requires knowledge of standard archival procedures (knowledge of
material culture curation useful, but not required).

* Requires at least five years of archival experience, preferably in
a research setting, or else other related research experience.

* Knowledge of current and emerging information technologies, and
understanding of their potential implications and opportunities for
archival cataloging, reference, research, and public outreach are

* Must have excellent organizational skill and be able to handle
multiple priorities simultaneously and meet deadlines.

* Writing and editing skills also important.

We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience and a
comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, 401(k) plan
with company match, pension, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending
accounts, company paid life insurance, and a business casual dress
code. Please apply online by going to this
URL: https:// home.eease.com/recruit2/?id=38746
Only those resumes that go through
the URL from the web address will be considered. NO AGENCIES PLEASE.

Visit www.ieee.org to view details about open positions in one of our
four offices:

Los Alamitos, CA; New York City; Piscataway, NJ & Washington, DC.

The IEEE is an affirmative action / equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V.

Constance B. Schulz
Professor of History

The Augusta Baker Endowed Chair -- Meetings With Candidates -- April 22, April 25, April 29 -- all in Davis Rm 209 -- All Presentations & Receptions


We have invited three candidates for this position to campus in April.

The Search Committee would very much like to have your input as we
move forward in filling the important Augusta Baker Endowed Chair in Childhood Literacy.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday April 22 2:00 - 3:30 Dr.
Jeanne Cobb will make a presentation in Room 209 Davis College. This will
be followed by a reception from 3:30 - 4:30. This will be a good
opportunity to get to know Dr. Cobb.

On Friday April 25, Dr. Nancy Tolson will give a presentation at 2:30 -
4:00 following by a reception from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

And on Tuesday April 29, Dr. Dianne Johnson will give a presentation
from 2:00 - 3:30 .m. Both Dr. Tolson and Dr. Johnson will also present
in Davis Room 209.

Please join us.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call for an intern with Dallas Public Library's Every Child Ready to Read @ Dallas

Contact pfeehan@gwm.sc.edu if interested.
Dr. Pat Feehan

I am looking for an intern or someone who wants to do an independent study.

As you know the last intern we had here from USC was fantastic and has recently been selected as the children’s librarian at a great branch of the system.

My new role as Communications Coordinator is part of the Dallas Arts Learning Initiative, a multi-organizational partnership to bring arts and arts education to Dallas citizens in all the places and ways they learn. As arts and literacy have a direct positive correlations, the Dallas Public Library launched Every Child Ready to Read @ Dallas.


Together with our partners organizations we are conducting workshops (based on the PLA ECRR program) at libraries, recreation centers, agencies, and cultural centers among others throughout the city. We have already trained nearly 100 facilitators to conduct the workshops and are working to reach 10,000 by the end of year one. Because I’m working with so many different groups, the logistics are complicated. I am looking for someone to assist with the communication with our locations, marketing of the workshops to groups in the area of the workshop including creating fliers for each location, and data entry of all our participants which is how we will conduct evaluation.

There are some great opportunities for someone to learn about a program that is so expansive and will really be great for the children of Dallas . If they are local, there would be more hands-on opportunities to assist with workshops and training.

Any other ideas, thoughts, questions, just let me know!


MId-Atlantic Digital Library Conference panel proposal

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Mark Sgambettera and I am a student at Queens College GSLIS. I would appreciate it very much if you could post this call of proposal on your academic listserv. I am looking for panel participants from among GSLIS students or recent graduates.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Sgambettera

Call for proposal:

Digital Reference Services: Reconfiguring Library and Archival Instruction on the World Wide Web

Conference and date: Mid-Atlantic Digital Library Conference, Bucknell University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, July 9, 2008

I am looking for panel participants who are interested in digital reference services in libraries and archives, and who are either advanced students or recent graduates of an MLS program.

The panel will concentrate on interactive, self-guided reference services that provide library or archival instruction to users through a repository Web portal. This panel will demonstrate design trends in digital reference services devoted to user instruction, identify state-of-the-art online tutorials, and offer case studies or surveys of patrons experience using online instructional modules. For example, my paper will focus on self-guided archival instruction modules and other digital reference resources provided through archival repository websites.

I am particularly interested in highlighting multimedia instructional modules and organizing a panel presentation that offers multimedia design components.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me at as soon as possible at sgambetteralibrary@mac.com. I will need your title, a 300-word abstract, and CV by April 20, 2008.

A(ugusta) Baker's Dozen: A Celebration of Stories & The Storytelling Festival of Carolina

On April 18 and 19 2008, the 22nd annual A(ugusta) Baker's Dozen: A
Celebration of STories will take place with special guest Walter Wick,
photographer of Scholastic's highly acclaimed I Spy series.

Friday April 18 - there will be Storytelling for Fourth Graders on the
grounds of the Robert Mills House. This usually begins around 9:30

Friday April 18 7 p.m. The Augusta Baker Lecture will feature Walter
Wick. a reception, booksale and autographing will follow in the
Bostick Auditorium of RCPL's Main Library.

Saturday April 19 11-2 Storytelling for Families will take place on
Hampton St. next to the Main Library.


On April 26 and 27, 2008 - The Storytelling Festival of CArolina will
take place in Historic Laurinburg, NC
with nationally known storytellers Len Cabral, Donald Davis, Diane
Ferlatte, and Jay O'Callahan.

Register online at www.sfoc.info


Dr. Pat Feehan

The Next SC / SLA Meeting

What: Joint Meeting of the SC Chapter of SLA and Charleston Archives,
Libraries, Museums (CALM) Council

When: April 18, 2008, 10 AM

Where: College of Charleston, Rivers Communications Museum, 58 George
St., Charleston; see this link for a parking map that shows parking garages
near George St.: http://www.cofc.edu/%7Eparking/map.html

Program: Copyright for Librarians, Archivists, and Museologists, by
David Lehmann, J.D., MLIS

Note: David would like to have any specific questions of interest about
copyright issues ahead of time so he can be prepared to answer them.
Please e-mail them to him directly at: lehmann@law.sc.edu

Schedule for the Day:

10:00-10:30 Registration, coffee and goodies

10:30-12:00 Program presentation by David Lehmann

12:00-1:30 Lunch at the College of Charleston Cafeteria; lots of
choices of sandwiches, buffet, including vegetarian; self serve; pay on the spot,
depending on choices

1:30-2:00: Separate business meetings of the two groups

2:00-3:00 Roundtable discussion among the two groups

3:00-3:30 Tour of the Rivers Communications Museum

Registration Fees:

  • SC/SLA members: $10
    Non-members: $12
    Students: free

If you plan to attend the meeting please e-mail me directly at:bobwill@sc.edu

A notice of the meeting has been posted:

Youth Services Assistant Librarian Position


REQUIREMENTS: MLS from an ALA accredited school preferred; Bachelor's Degree in early childhood education, elementary education or librarianship required. Must be able to assist in the development of programs that will appeal to children of all ages. Must have basic Microsoft computer skills. Must be able to supervise others.

Must be able to work some evenings and weekends, as hours of work will vary.

PRIMARY DUTIES: Responsible for providing services and activities for children and young people (through high school) in conjunction with the Director of Youth Services. Assists with management of the juvenile collection. Develops and maintains the children's audiovisual collection. Assists the Director of Youth Services with the allocation of budget for juvenile materials. Assists with any needed publicity for the juvenile collection or programs.

SECONDARY DUTIES: Answers in-depth reference questions as needed. Reports any deficiencies in the juvenile collection to the Director of Youth Services or the Library Director. Occasionally catalogs juvenile materials. Must be familiar with and be able to help patrons with all library activities. Represents the library in the community and at professional meetings. Participates as much as time allows in professional organizations.

Contact: Jennifer Soule or Linda Heddinger , South Charleston Public Library, 312 Fourth Ave. S. Charleston, WV 25303 304 744 6561 or email Heddinger@scpl.wvnet.edu

312 Fourth Avenue, South Charleston, WV 25303 • Telephone 304-744-6561 • www.infospot.org

Student Position

Editorial Office Assistant

The American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education is seeking a part-time
student assistant (7 hrs. per week) to work in our editorial office
located in the Coker Life Sciences Building. Primary responsibilities
involve word processing (Microsoft Word), data entry (Excel), and
filing. Additional responsibilities will be somewhat determined by the
student's interests and skills. Applicants with experience/interest
in the following areas are encouraged to apply: document formatting;
editing/proofreading; scanning/image editing; and/or web publishing.

Somewhat flexible work schedule. Must be able to start work in late
April/early May. Because of the time required to train an assistant in
all aspects of Journal operations, the ideal candidate would be someone
willing to commit to work through the end of spring semester 2009. For
the right candidate, this could evolve into a part-time staff position
or freelance position after graduation.

Send an e-mail introducing yourself and briefly describing your skills
and work experience to Karen Shipp at kshipp@cop.sc.edu. Attach a
resume if you have one. We prefer that you send an e-mail rather than
dropping by or calling. We will follow up by e-mail with all
applicants. You may view our publication at www.ajpe.org.

Help children read!

Hello all,

I know this is not a Columbia cause, but as it does effect children in South Carolina and I know how generous SLIS folks have been for similar causes in the past, I am spreading the word. Please let me know if you want any more information!


Chesterfield County's First Steps, which is an organization that prepares young children for school, has just learned that they are being cut $15,000 next year. The funding they are losing is what pays for the Imagination Library program (you can find information on that at http://www.imaginationlibrary.com/), which means that 500 children in our county will not be enrolled next year.

In an effort to make up some of the loss, First Steps is having a drawing to win $1000.00. Tickets for the drawing are $5.00, and at the moment there are only 1,000 tickets, so your chances of winning are pretty good. Six tickets will fund one child's membership in the Imagination Library for a year, so First Steps is hoping to sell as many tickets as possible in an effort to raise enough money to keep the most at-risk children in the program.

If you are interested in buying a ticket (and winning $1000.00!) please let me know. You can mail me your $5 and I will send you your tickets or leave them in Davis for you if you would prefer.

Thanks as always for anything you can do to help!


Drusilla Carter
Director, Chesterfield County Library System

The Lubuto Library Project at ALA 2008 annual conference

Hello everyone,

This is Travis. Below is an e-mail Jane Meyers just sent out about Lubuto at the ALA Conference this summer, and I wanted to let people know so that you might attend Lubuto-events this summer.

Also, LISSA will help with Lubuto's poster presentation, which Jane mentions in her e-mail as well as mentioning that we are the ALA Student Chapter of the Year.

See you in Anaheim,



Dear ALA colleague:

The innovative Lubuto Library Project, which builds beautiful libraries with
excellent collections and services for street kids, orphans and other
vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa, will be presenting information on
its activities via several forums at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim.

We hope you will be able to attend one or more of these sessions and learn
about Lubuto's landmark efforts in Zambia:

1. The main presentation on the Lubuto Library Project, sponsored by
Brodart, will be on Saturday, June 28th, from 8am to 10am. [PLEASE NOTE:
this is a change in time from the preliminary program, so that it doesn't
conflict with the 'Challenges of Library Development in Africa'
presentation.] Lubuto's program will feature a panel of some of the many
colleagues who guide and contribute to its development:

Jane Kinney Meyers, President and founder, Lubuto Library Project, Inc.,
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Denise E. Agosto, Associate Professor, College of Information Science
and Technology, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Tatum Preston, Librarian, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL

Dr. Laurie Bonnici, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Alabama, School of Library
and Information Studies, Tuscaloosa, AL

2. A poster session, "Lubuto: Excellent libraries for African street
children," will be presented on Sunday, June 29th, from 11am to 12:30am in
the exhibit hall. Come and speak about Lubuto with Jane Meyers and Lubuto
friends and volunteers, including ALA 2008 Student Chapter of the Year
members from the University of South Carolina's School of Library and
Information Science's Student Association (LISSA).

3. Jane Meyers will also participate in the panel discussion of the
International Relations Round Table Chair's Program on Monday, June 30th,
from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. The program will deal with "Meeting the challenge of
rapid change in the digital environment: Transitioning through the

Please check the conference program for the exact location of these

As president of the Lubuto Library Project I would like to cordially invite
you to attend any or all of these presentations and participate during the
Q&A sessions, and to bring friends and spread the word to others as well.
We look forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones, and getting
more of you involved with the Lubuto Library Project!

Jane Kinney Meyers, MLS, President
Lubuto Library Project, Inc. 202-558-5609

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Patrick McLaughlin Receives Outstanding Student Award for Leadership

Congratulations to Patrick McLaughlin, who received the William M. Trafton III Outstanding Student Award for Leadership at the Graduate Student Day Awards Ceremony on April 2, 2008. Patrick has contributed so much as a leader of LISSA and we are very proud of him.

This is Public Health: Recycling Counts! National Public Health Week Events at RCPL and Russell House

This week, come out to RCPL's Southeast Regional Library and the USC Russell House to learn about how recycling helps protect both our environment and our public health! You'll get a free, information-filled canvas tote bag (great for groceries).

Monday, April 7, 2008

4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
RCPL Southeast Regional Library

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Russell House (2nd floor)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
RCPL Southeast Regional Library

Thursday, April 10, 2008

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Russell House

The RCPL Southeast Regional Library is located at 7421 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209.

These events are part of a health campaign called "The Role of Public Health in Promoting a Healthy Environment," launched by SLIS student Manju Tanwar and the graduate students in Dr. Daniela Friedman's health communication class. The campaign is part of National Public Health Week.

To learn more about the campaign, see http://www.sph.sc.edu/news/friedman.htm.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Graduate Student Day Competition Winners List and Awards Ceremony Photos

The winners in the 12 research poster and presentation competition sessions at USC's Graduate Student Day are posted on-line at:

Photos from the Awards Ceremony can be found here:
[the password for this photo gallery is: grad]

The Lubuto Library Project $20,000 matching pledge challenge -- You can help

LISSA was thrilled to have Jane Kinney Meyers speak at our Symposium on April 2, 2008. Her work is an inspiration to us. Below is a message from her organization, The Lubuto Library Project.


A ten-minute film excerpt of the opening event in Lusaka for the first Lubuto Library is now available on YouTube at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ek6cS59QCU4

Progress on the Lubuto Library Project $20,000 matching pledge challenge:

Many of you have responded to our Advisory Board member Marilyn Hollinshead’s very generous offer of a 100% match of donations up to $20,000, and we have so far received donations totaling $13,870! As you know, the $40,000 a full match will raise will allow us to begin construction of the next Lubuto Library.

This means we have $6,130 to go! If you recently donated, either during this challenge or just before, we again extend our heartfelt thanks. But if you have considered supporting Lubuto and haven’t yet made a financial gift, please take this opportunity to double the impact of your donation and visit www.Lubuto.org and click "donate now" or mail a check to:

Lubuto Library Project, Inc.
5505 Connecticut Ave., NW, #368
Washington, DC 20015-2601

Our organization has been able to accomplish so much to enrich the lives of Africa ’s most vulnerable children thanks completely to lots and lots of donations from people like you. Rarely can such a small gesture make such an important impact – and is so greatly appreciated! Please join in and help us raise that remaining $6,130!

Jane Kinney Meyers, MLS, President
Lubuto Library Project, Inc. 202-558-5609
Bringing enlightenment and hope to Africa 's most vulnerable children

Raise money for Lubuto by shopping and searching the Internet with GoodShop and GoodSearch: www.goodsearch.com

LISSA is the 2008 ALA Student Chapter of the Year!

A message from our LISSA faculty advisor, Dr. Feili Tu:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am very thrilled to make this announcement to you. The SLIS Library
and Information Science Student Association (LISSA) has been selected
as the American Library Association Student Chapter of the Year Award
recipient for 2008. Last year LISSA was honored as the Student Chapter
of the Year Runner-Up. Using suggestions made by the ALA’s New
Members Round Table, the LISSA officers and students have made many
improvements in the organization. They have been working very hard and
definitely deserve this great honor. As Bob Wolverton, chair of the 2007-2008
Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee, said:

“ … The committee applauds LISSA’s hard work in each of the seven
categories related to the Student Chapter of the Year Award. Your
chapter has made excellent use of Web 2.0 technology, developed original
and effective fundraising activities, and offered an excellent variety of
programs for your students. Your commitment to community service is
also laudable. …”

LISSA’s accomplishments are well-known not only in the SLIS/USC, but
also in the library community state-wide. Because of their work ethic
and dedication to SLIS and LISSA, the officers, with the help of many
students, have successfully transformed LISSA into a junior professional

* Travis, the LISSA president, is a great leader with an A-Team to
work with. He is fortunate to have two first-rate vice-presidents,
Patrick and Margaret. Mary Anne and Virginia are wonderful secretaries, and
Caroline and Alison definitely have the excellent budgeting skills
that the USC requires of treasurers of student organizations.

* Patrick re-designed the LISSA web site and has made it web 2.0
compliant. He is still carrying the responsibility for maintaining the web
site. He also made it possible for LISSA to set up a PayPal account
on the LISSA web site so that DE students are able to conveniently pay
their LISSA membership fee online. In addition, Stewart Baker created
the Forums, and Matt programmed the Wiki. Grant is serving as the media
producer. No wonderful the pictures on the LISSA web site are so great.

* Rae and Gene made the “SLISten Up!” newsletter a professional
publication. This newsletter has been widely distributed to current
students, alums, and librarians in the states of South Carolina, North
, Georgia, Maine, Virginia, and West Virginia. Grant has been
handed their torch. What else can we say? “SLISten Up!” is in good

* Matt and Patrick have been instrumental in creating the Faculty
Colloquia (now called SLIS Colloquia) and Student Colloquia. These are
LISSA’s premier professional events.

* Travis and other LISSA officers worked hard to set up field trips
so students were able to visit various kinds of information settings.
Patrick arranged a trip to the National Archives in Morrow (near
Atlanta), GA for students in the Atlanta/Athens area. This is my plea to the
DE students. Please join LISSA and help with establishing local
chapters and setting up programs for DE students.

* To all the guys featured in "The Mildly Attractive Men of SLIS at the University of South Carolina 2008 Calendar," thank you very, very much for your help with this unique fund-raising effort. You rock!

* A special thank you to Dr. Sam for all your support. You have generously provided LISSA with various resources, and you allow the LISSA officers to be creative and have fun. You are an inspiration.

Serving as the LISSA faculty advisor since 2003 has been one of my most
rewarding professional positions. It has been both a pleasure and a
privilege to work with such outstanding leaders as the LISSA officers
and to witness the organization’s many accomplishments. I look forward
to working with the new officers, who will be elected very soon.

LISSA exemplifies the mission of the ALA in promoting the highest quality library and information services and public access to information. I hope you’ll join us at the award ceremony at the ALA Annual Convention this year in Anaheim and help cheer for LISSA!




Message from Bob Wolverton, Chair of the ALA New Members Round Table Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee:

April 4, 2008

On behalf of the ALA New Members Round Table (NMRT), I am pleased to
inform you that the University of South Carolina Library and Information
Science Student Association (LISSA) has been selected as the ALA
Student Chapter of the Year Award recipient for 2008. We received many strong
applications this year, and your chapter’s selection is a tribute to
your past year of accomplishments and hard work. Congratulations!

The committee applauds LISSA’s hard work in each of the seven categories related to the Student Chapter of the Year Award. Your chapter has made excellent use of Web 2.0 technology, developed original and effective fundraising activities, and offered an excellent variety of programs for your students. Your commitment to community service is also laudable.

As the winner of this national award sponsored by the ALA Membership Committee and New Members Round Table, your chapter will receive a travel grant of $1,000.00 to cover part of the cost for representatives of your chapter to attend the 2008 ALA Annual Conference to be held in Anaheim, California. The travel grant can be used for conference registration, accommodations or transportation costs. In addition, a certificate of recognition will be presented to your chapter representatives at the NMRT Student Reception.

I will soon be sending you via U.S. mail a Conditions of Award Acceptance form that will require your signature and that of your student chapter advisor. After the form has been signed, please mail it to: American Library Association, Attn.: Kim Sanders, Program Officer, ALA/HRDR, 50 East Huron, Chicago, IL 60611. Please send me a fax or PDF copy of the signed form before mailing it to ALA. I look forward to your response and to meeting you at ALA Annual in Anaheim. Once again, congratulations!


Bob Wolverton
Associate Professor/Database Maintenance/Authority Control Librarian
Mississippi State University Libraries
Chair, 2007-2008 SCOTYA Committee