Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Haiti Library Project: Card Catalog Day & School Materials Being Requested


Drucilla Carter, our contact for the Haiti Library Project, will be in town Sunday. We will be in the computer lab in Davis working on a card catalog for the school in Haiti starting at 10 am. We will have instructions, so please join us.

Also, there is still a donation drive continuing for the school library. Here is what has been requested:
  • Boys Underwear (new) -- all sizes
  • Socks (new) -- all sizes
  • Blue Ink Pins
  • Scarfs or Bandannas
  • Hair Ribbons (or any hair pins, ornaments)
  • Matchbox cars
The box in 110 will be under the table to the left as you walk in the room. It has a been clearly labeled.

These kids haven't had too many breaks in life. If sometime before next Sunday, it would be very much appreciated. (The drive will be continued until the end of the school year, however).

When I first put this message out on the listservs last summer, a number of distance ed students asked me if they could send money. Check donations can be made to either:
  • "St. Mary's Episcopal Church" (for education sponsorship donations, to give money to pay for the kids to go to the school)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Donors should write "Haiti Children's Education Fund" in the memo section of the check.
  • "Mission Aviation Fellowship" (to by supplies for the school, whatever is most needed)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Donors should write "Haiti Ministries" in the memo section of the check.
You can mail items or enclosed checks to the following:

Drucilla Carter
Chesterfield County Library
119 W Main St
Chesterfield, SC 29709

Thanks to everyone who has given so far. The box is full right now, and we will keep this up at least for this school year. We also plan to do a few more days of card catalog making this semester, so we will keep you posted.

Have a nice day,


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