Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Frankie's Fun Park this Saturday

Hey everybody!

Since Dr. Sam's celebration dinner for faculty, adjuncts, staff,
readers and mentors, and GAs is this Friday, our exciting SLIS get-together
has been moved back to Saturday.

But what an event it is going to be!

Frankie's Fun Park has plenty to offer everybody:

· Miniature Golf (also known as Putt-Putt)

· Go-Karts (watch Adam wreck at 10 miles per hour)

· Arcade Games (also known as Quarter Munchers)Laser Tag (also known as the Most Important Thing Ever)

· Skeeball (also known as that game that gives you all those tickets, but never enough to buy anything)

· Food & Drinks (also known as pretzels, hot dogs, french fries, pop, no that's soda jerk)

· Loose Children Without Parental Supervision Hyped Up on Sugar (also known as the Punks Who Beat You At Every Video Game Even Though You Are Twice Their Size)

· Remember, it is not Friday, but Saturday (also known as the 29th) we will be meeting at Frankie's (or do we want to meet before?)

7:00-7:30 pm ish

Frankies is at 140 Parkridge Drive by a Lowe's nearby Harbison Blvd.

Any questions, send me an email.

See you there,


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