Monday, March 10, 2008

Dr. Roger Millsap's February 29 webcast on Measurement Invariance and Applied Research is now available at the CARMA Video Library

We are glad to announce that the recording of Dr. Roger Millsap's February29 webcast on Measurement Invariance and Applied Research is now availableat the CARMA Video Library, along with the PowerPoint presentation. At theend of this message you can find information on how you can view thisrecording, and as you should know there is no charge for you to watch this lecture (whenever you want, and as many times as you wish), since your university is a member of the 2007-2008 CARMA Consortium Webcast Program.

You may also know that CARMA has undertaken an initiative aimed at
increasing awareness of this Program for research methods education among
faculty and students at Consortium Member schools. While we can communicate
directly with those who have registered as Website users, there are many
faculty and students from member schools that have not registered, and we
are trying to reach out to them so that they can be aware of the membership
benefits for which they are eligible. In addition to being able to view the
live and recorded lectures, these benefits also include a 50% discount on
our 12 CARMA Summer Short Courses that will be offered in May (click here to
see more
information on these short courses).

Toward that end, we would greatly appreciate you forwarding this email to
faculty and students from your university. We want as many faculty and
students as possible to be aware that they have free access to the following
list of videos currently available at the CARMA Video Library.

1) Moderation in Structural Equation Modeling: Specification,
Estimation, and Interpretation Using Quadratic Structural Equations - Dr.
Jeffrey R. Edwards

2) The Effect of Criterion Reliability on Means and Interactions in
Meta -Analysis - Dr. Lawrence R. James

3) Estimating Interaction Effects Using Multiple Regression - Dr.
Herman Aguinis

4) Measures of Agreement for Group Level Research - Dr. James M.

5) Hierarchical Linear Modeling - Dr. David A. Hofmann

6) Multilevel Structural Equation Methods - Dr. Robert J. Vandenberg

7) The Conceptualization, Measurement, and Validation of Multilevel
Constructs - Dr. Gilad Chen

8) Current Issues in Individual, Group, and Organizational Level
Measurement : Strategic Management - Dr. Brian Boyd

9) Current Issues in Measurement - Individual Level - Dr. Claudia

10) Meta - Analysis and Strategy Research - Dr. Dan R. Dalton

11) Methods for Integrating Moderation and Mediation: An Analytical
Framework Using Moderated Path Analysis - Dr. Jeffrey R. Edwards

12) The World Is Flat, the Earth is the Center of the Universe, and
Mediating Effects Can Be Tested Using Data from Nonexperimental Research -
Dr. Eugene F. Stone - Romero

13) Testing for mediating variables in Management Research: Concerns,
Implications and Alternative Strategies - Dr. J. Myles Shaver

14) Issues in Social Network Analysis - Dr. Dan Brass

15) Contributing to Applied Psychology with Laboratory Research - Dr.
John Hollenbeck

16) Power Analysis for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests - Dr.
Kevin Murphy

17) Regression Models for Limited Range Dependent Variables - Dr. David

18) Robust Regression - Dr. William Starbuck

19) Issues with Internet Data Collection - Dr. Jeff Stanton

20) Non - responses to Organizational Surveys - Dr. Steven Rogelberg

21) Methodological issues in Cross - Cultural Research - Dr. Michele

22) Issues with Group Measurement - Dr. Katherine Klein

23) Item Response Theory - Dr. Neal Schmitt

24) Longitudinal Data Analysis - Dr. Robert Ployhart

25) Latent Growth Models for Longitudinal Data - Dr. Robert Vandenberg

26) Repeated Measures ANOVA and MANOVA - Dr. Jorge Mendoza

27) Goodness of Fit and Structural Equation Models - Dr. Jose Cortina

28) Relative Importance of Predictors with Regression Models - Dr. James

29) Nonlinear Dynamic Models - Dr. Paul Hanges

30) Advanced Panel Methods for Strategy Research - Dr. Peter Hom

31) Conditional Reasoning and Personality Measurement - Dr. Larry James

32) Measurement Invariance and Applied Research - Dr. Roger Millsap

The video and slides are available to any person linked to a CARMA
Consortium Webcast Program member organization as long as they are
registered CARMA Website Users and they use an email address provided by the
organization. For example, if a person is a Virginia Commonwealth University
student, he/she must first register as a CARMA Website User using their VCU
email address (which always ends with If you are not a registered
CARMA Website User, click
here. Any person may update his/her email address at any time using the
"Update Email Address" link in the "CARMA Website User Area” Please, notice that every
time the email address is changed, a new password is automatically generated
and sent to the new email account. The password can be changed at any time
using the link "Update Personal Information / Password" under the "User
Menu" column on the "CARMA Website User Area”>

Once a potential viewer is a registered CARMA Website User, they can obtain
access to the videos and slides by using the link on the left navigation bar
and accessing the "CARMA
Website User Area". Next, they should click on the "Video Library" link
under the "User Menu" column. This step will lead them to a directory of all
recorded sessions that are available.

As preparing for watching the videos, please MAKE SURE that:

* You have Real Player installed on your viewing machine (if you do
not have real player installed, you can get the basic player for free at;

* The network that this machine is connected to allows video streaming
of RM files (Real Media files). Some network firewalls are configured to
block RM streaming and this is the type of file our webcast technology uses.
If the streaming of this type of file is blocked by your network's firewall,
your viewing computer will not be able to receive the video. Therefore, if
you have any problems with receiving the video streaming, please check with
your network administrator to be sure that the network your machine is
connected to is not blocking the traffic of RM files.

Thank you,

Dr. Larry J. Williams, CARMA Director
Evandro Moreno, CARMA Assistant Director

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