Monday, February 11, 2008

Please contribute to LISSA's Vision Statement via wiki

Hello everyone,

This is Matt and Travis. We need your input on LISSA's Vision
Statement. The vision statement will define what LISSA strives to achieve, no
matter how far off a goal that might be. For example, Travis would
like LISSA to send at least five students to a different national
LIS-conference every year. Please offer any ideas of your own that could
enrich the student experience.

Matt has been developing a wiki for his internship and hopes that we
can all meet at this URL:

, to collaboratively construct this vision statement. This page is a
safe place to make mistakes because we have infinite undo capability.
And it is a place to effectively express your voice while listening to
the voices of others. Of course, ideas can be sent directly to Travis
at, though the community will benefit more if these
ideas are published on the wiki. Matt is offering help in using this
wiki via email (, in-person (see him in Davis lab
most afternoons), and via a Breeze training session(s) (TBA).

This vision statement will not only guide the future of LISSA, but it
will also be used in our application for the ALA Student Chapter of the
Year. Last year, we were 2nd place. This year, considering so many people's involvement in LISSA's growing success, we've got a shot at
first. Please join us on the wiki and help improve LISSA's prospects.

Thank you.


Travis Ferrell and Matt Landau

PS When you click on the wiki's URL, your computer may give you a
warning message; however, the page is completely safe. Also, at this
point, no registration is required on the wiki -- please register if you
wish to be identified with your contributions. Also, you may notice the
look, feel, and function of the wiki changing as it is developed.

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