Friday, February 15, 2008

Hockey Night Friday and Other Ideas

Hockey Night Friday and Other Ideas

Hey everybody!

There have been some more discussions of other ideas for our SLIS
get-togethers. Expect some baseball and soccer games in the future (though
somebody better tell me where to find their schedules because I do not
follow them). Also, I really want to try and do that board game night
again (last time did not work out).

What I think is the coolest idea that was spoken last Friday night was
the idea of making a bunch of short films, say (3-4 minutes each give
or take). The uniting theme for the films is that each film would be set
to music like a favorite song or noise experiment (think a mixed tape
but with moving pictures). Then when we get them all done, maybe we
could get together somewhere and watch them. If you are interested in this
film idea, please send me an email at as soon as
possible. I am thinking about holding a meeting next week to start planning
this out better because it is going to take some time.

Well I think that is everything. It probably isn't, but that is all I
got for right now.


[posted on behalf of Adam Vorobok: adverb@SC.RR.COM]

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