Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Distance Learning, Powerpoint and Access for Users with disabilities

Webinar Tuesday February 12 at 2 PM Eastern EASI will
present an interactive, live Webinar on how to take a
PowerPoint presentation and put it on the Web for
maximum accessibility for everyone including students,
staff, faculty and others with various disabilities.
The Web page output provided in the PowerPoint menu
causes a number of problems for this audience when the
content is uploaded to the Web.

The February 12 Webinar will look at 2 inexpensive
tools that greatly facilitate this process. Most of
the time will be devoted to a presentation on LecShare
and demonstrating how its wizard will walk a
non-technical person through the few steps that are
required to provide a high quality product.

You can read more about this Webinar and register for
it at
Registering will both save a seat in the Webinar room
and will later get you a link to the recording of this

Norman Coombs

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