Monday, February 4, 2008

Congratulations to Santi Thompson!

[Posted on behalf of Connie Schulz)

Santi Thompson has just sent me word that the National Council on Public History has notified him that he has been awarded the NCPH Prize, and accompanying travel award of $500 to attend the meeting and receive the award, for the "Best Student Project" in Public History in 2007. Santi won the award for his internship project, “The LGBTQ Archive at the South Caroliniana Library,” a multi-faceted approach to documenting the Gay and Lesbian community in Columbia and starting a Gay and Lesbian archive of collections at the SCL. Santi worked with Nick Merriwether on this project. As far as I know or remember, this is the first time ever that an archival project has been given this award. it is also the third time since 2000 that the major national organization in the field has recognized a USC student with the award. Santi is completing his third year in the Joint MA/MLIS degree program, and expects to graduate in May of 2008.

Congratulations Santi!!!

Connie Schulz

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