Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ALA International Relations Committee Pen Pal Opportunity

The International Relations Committee of the American Library Associationis seeking your help in establishing relationships between students inyour program and students in library programs across the globe. IRC hassubcommittees representing regions of the world (Africa, East Asia and thePacific, Eurasia and Central Asia, Europe, Americas, and Near East andSouth Asia). Names of the chairs and membership of these committees can be
found at www.ala.org.

[You can just click here]

If you would be willing to help use find students who would be willing to establish communication with students in other countries, we would appreciate your help. IFLA is publishing a directory of international library and information science education programs later this year, so we should have contact information for you.

Students who do participate in this project may be able to meet their
counterparts because IFLA this year will be in Quebec City. This venue
will be somewhat less expensive for students who would like to attend IFLA
and join the wider world of librarianship.

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