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SLIS 744: Music Libraries and Information Services

SLIS 744: Music Libraries and Information Services

Offered on Tuesdays from 5:00-7:45, SLIS 744 covers all aspects of music librarianship, including collection development, basic cataloging, technical services, management, and digitization and preservation of music materials. While the subject matter is specific to music librarianship, students learn practical information and skills applicable in any general academic or special library environment. The course is offered in the Music Library, so students have the opportunity to work directly with materials. Anyone interested in music or general librarianship will enjoy and benefit from this course.

Librarians working with music materials are employed in a variety of settings, including academic, public, performing arts, orchestra, conservatory, media, or radio libraries, and music publishers.

The following areas are addressed:

* Acquisitions and Collection Development: Identification and selection of newly published books, scores, DVDs, and recordings ; Approval plans ; Location of out-of-print music materials ; Conducting a collection assessment and appraisals ; Establishment of a gifts program ; Preparation of acknowledgments, statistics, and gifts-in-kind reports.

* Cataloging: Cataloging rules as they apply to music materials ; Addressing special problems ; Application of Library of Congress subject headings ; Review of MARC tags and fields specific to music ; Conducting authority work for music materials.

* Digital Technologies: Implementing digital initiatives and standards ; Electronic reserves ; Managing digital content ; Streaming audio ; Developing online print and sound archives.

* Management: Management styles used in music library settings ; Staffing ; Budgeting ; Devising policies ; Fundraising.

* Preservation: Minor repairs to all types of music materials, including disc-washing, paper and spine repairs, tipping in, pam-binding, and mylar encapsulation ; Creating a disaster plan ; Digital efforts.

* Reference: Conducting the reference interview ; Identification of appropriate resources and efficient reference strategies ; Conducting bibliographic instruction.

The USC Music Library is one of the premiere music collections in the Southeast and is known internationally for its special collections and extensive digital initiatives. Occupying 9,000 square feet in the School of Music, the Music Library is a branch of the University Libraries. You can visit the Music Library at

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this course or music librarianship, in general. My contact information is as follows:

Jennifer Ottervik
Head, Music Library
Music building, room 208E
office: 803-777-5425

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