Thursday, November 29, 2007

Virtual Museum of Cataloging & Acquisitions Artifacts‏

A great surprise came in the mail today! The "Virtual Museum of Catalogin & Acquistions Artfacts was announced in American Libraries Direct! We didn't know! This came out of the blue.

A hearty thank you goes to my GA Lauren Kirkland who has taken the ball and run with it. I said, can you try to make this and BAM! The museum is up and running!

We hadn't know there was going to be an announcement outside cataloging circles today so we will be working toward correcting known typos, making better links to it, etc., but we would certainly appreciate any suggestions, corrections, additions, any advice you might give us!

And, of course, we cherish those "finds" from the closets of libraries and librarians that form our "collection."

Next time you see Lauren, give her a hearty pat on the back!!! She deserves it more than I and ALD didn't get her name!


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