Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spring 2008 Required Textbooks for J702, J730, and J731

[Posted on behalf of Heidi Hoerman]

Go to http://www.heidihoerman.com/txtbksspr08.html (or go to www.heidihoerman.com and click on "For Students") to find a list of the textbooks required for the classes I will be teaching next semester:
  1. SLIS J702 Introduction to Technical Services
  2. SLIS J730 Cataloging Information Materials
  3. SLIS J731 Subject Analysis and Classification
In addition there is a new page summarizing advisement information about J702, J730, J731, J732, J733 and J738: http://www.heidihoerman.com/tselectives.html (or go to www.heidihoerman.com and click on "For Students"). If the page doesn't answer all your concerns, I encourage you to contact me for further information about technical services and/or the courses I teach.

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