Tuesday, November 6, 2007

FoSCL Independent Study and Internship

[Posted on behalf Madonna Stoehr]


Dr. Arns asked me to forward this message. Her contact information is arnsj@mindspring.com or 803-777-2319.

The Friends of South Carolina Libraries (FoSCL) would like to work with two students who are interested in learning more about Friend’s Groups and the contributions they make to public libraries.

The first project is an independent study that will focus on the activities of other local and state friends groups and result in a research paper that considers these groups’ dynamics and activities. This project could be completed by either a distance or Columbia based student. The second opportunity is an internship in which a student will work on various FoSCL projects, including strategic planning, event planning, and program development. This opportunity would work best for a Columbia based student. It might also work well for a student in the Charleston area, where the current FoSCL president lives. Dr. Jennifer Arns will be the faculty sponsor in both cases. Please contact her if you are interested in one of these opportunities.

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