Friday, November 2, 2007

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Drive

LISSA is participating in a Stocking Stuffer program for needy children this year.

We have three stockings, one for each of the following age groups:

  • 7 to 8
  • 9 to 10
  • 11 to 12
A dontation box has been left in Davis 110, under the table to the left when you walk in the room.

Suggested donation items are as follows: books, pencils, pens, rulers, notepads, jewelry, handheld games, puzzels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair care products, makeup, hats, gloves, watches, cologne, perfume, wallets, cameras, small radios, etc.

Thank you for any help you might give, and happy holidays,



  1. And for your distance ed. members, is there any way for us to mail in these items or is this just a on campus USC activity?

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  3. That's a good question.

    If anyone would like to mail anything in for a donation, you can send it to the following address:

    Travis Ferrell
    LISSA President
    3200 Chinaberry Drive
    Columbia, SC 29205

    I will put it in the box. Please NO cash, money orders, or checks for the "Stocking Stuffers" service project. Just the items listed in the blog posting.

    Another project that is open to distance ed students is the Haiti Library Project. This is a service project where we are gathering school supplies for a school in Haiti.

    Here is what has been requested by the school:

    * Boys Underwear (new) -- all sizes
    * Socks (new) -- all sizes
    * Blue Ink Pins
    * Scarfs or Bandannas
    * Hair Ribbons (or any hair pins, ornaments)
    * Matchbox cars

    Distance ed students can mail in items or check donations if you wish.

    Check donations should be made to either:

    * "St. Mary's Episcopal Church" (for education sponsorship donations, to give money to pay for the kids to go to the school)
    * PLEASE NOTE: Donors should write "Haiti Children's Education Fund" in the memo section of the check.


    * "Mission Aviation Fellowship" (to by supplies for the school, whatever is most needed)
    * PLEASE NOTE: Donors should write "Haiti Ministries" in the memo section of the check.

    You can mail items or enclosed checks to the following:

    Drucilla Carter
    Chesterfield County Library
    119 W Main St
    Chesterfield, SC 29709

    Happy Holidays,