Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Archives Job Analysis

[Posted on behalf of Constance B. Schulz]

Dear Archives students,

I'm cleaning out a VERY old backlog on my e-mail in box, and one of

the items was an interesting post from Dr. Elizabeth Dow at LSU, who

runs the "Southeast Archies Educational Collaborative" of which we used

to be a part. Her student did an analysis of job ads on the Archives

listserv, which much be useful to some of you who are beginning to look

for jobs.


Original post in early 2006:

In order to help me in planning my education program toward an MLIS, I

read all the job announcements posted on the archives and archivists

listserv for 2005. This included all weeks.


1. "processing" includes appraisal, arrangement, and description.

2. "preservation" includes lists of "performs preservation duties" and

the like.

3. "Cataloging" includes EAD, MARC, and non-specific cataloging


4. This list does NOT included museum curators, metadata librarians

and metadata catalogers, or records managers.

5. "broken link" means there was a link on the job announcement that

was no longer working.

6. This list does NOT include positions that did not require at least

a master's degree (any master's degree) in the job requirements.

Here are the results:

Total number of job announcements posted (2005) - 208

Number of announce! ments with broken link - 42

Subtotal of announcements analyzed - 166

Managerial positions posted - 31

Project archivist (entry level) positions posted - 36

Number and percentage of job announcements listing the following




Processing 141


Preservation 72


Reference 73


Cataloging 50


Community outreach 29 &! nbsp;


Exhibit preparation 16


I'm not sure how this will help anyone, if at all. I just thought I'd

share the results here.

Russell D. James, M.A.

MLIS student

Louisiana State University

Constance B. Schulz

Professor of History

Co-Director, Public History Program

University of SC, Columbia, SC 29208

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