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2-part Webinar series about digital e-texts for persons with disabilities

From: Prof Norm Coombs

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Subject: Digital Books and Players: 2-part Webinar Series Nov. 15, 29

EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) presents a 2-part Webinar series providing information on the cutting edge of digital e-texts for persons with disabilities which will soon be the standard for students from K-12 through university.


Presenter: Robert Lee Beach, Assistive Technology Specialist

Kansas City Kansas Community College

Two part free series. Thursday November 15 and 29 - 2PM EASTERN

The advent of digital books has made accessing reading materials for

individuals with disabilities a more pleasant experience. Sound quality is better and navigation is far superior to the old analog tape books. However, with so many options for players and sources of books, what does one need to be aware of when shopping for reading materials and equipment.

In December of 2005, Robert presented a 2-part workshop titled "Why Pick a DAISY" which looked at some of the resources and players for DAISY books. Some changes have happened with both the players and sources. In this presentation, Robert will again discuss some of the sources of books and update you on what is happening with these. Then he will review software and hardware players for digital books and update you on the offerings available today. Included will be a demonstration of the new Victor Stream and a discussion of the new NLS books that are expected to come out in 2008.

PART ONE will give a brief description of digital books, where they can be found, and what some of the differences are between books from these sources. Then there will be demonstrations of 3 out of the 4 software

players: Book Wizard Reader, Easy-Reader, and Victor ReaderSoft.

Part 2 will finish the software player demonstrations with the gh

Player. Then there will be demonstrations of 4 hardware players: Victor Classic, Victor Wave, Book Port, and the new Victor Stream. As time permits, other players can be discussed.

You need to register for the FREE Digital Talking Books and Players Two Part Series in order to reserve a seat in the virtual presentation room and to receive the login details as well as to receive an archived recording of the presentations shortly after the 2 events. To register, go to: http://easi.cc/clinic.htm

(This Webinar is listed about half way down the page.)


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