Friday, October 26, 2007

Volunteers Needed for the Saint John Preschool Library Project

Below is an e-mail sent to LISSA about the Saint John Preschool Library Project. Although LISSA will officially help starting next semester, we are currently committed to other service projects so that we cannot promise to do anything until then. We did want to get the word out to anyone who, looking for a volunteer opportunity, would like to help this semester. Thanks and have a nice day, Travis


I am Tondaleya Jackson and I was appointed to serve as Chairman of the Saint John Preschool Library Project. I am reaching out to the USC Library and Information Science Student Association for assistance. Ms. Carolyn Delton indicated that a need such as ours is within the realm of volunteer services you provide. Additional details are below.

The Preschool has been in existence for decades. Currently there are 109 children ages 3-5 enrolled. The school has a room which is considered a library. There are a multitude of books and other educational materials, but it lacks the order and organization of a formal library. In addition, there is currently not a system in place to allow students/parents to check out books. We are in need of assistance from your organization to address these areas.

Can you assist the committee in our efforts to bring order to the Preschool's multitude of library resources? The Parent's and the school's staff recognizes the importance of this task and want to ensure that it is done correctly. For this reason, we are actively seeking out your assistance.

The address and phone number of the Preschool is below, but please contact me directly (see below) after you have given consideration to this request. Thank you so very much for your time and any assistance you can provide.

Saint John Baptist Church Preschool
3404 W. Beltline Boulevard (Corner of Beltline & Farrow Roads)
Columbia, SC 29203

Tondaleya G. Jackson
Library Project Chairman - St. John Preschool
803-705-4479 direct office (daytime)
803-609-1800 cell (evening)

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