Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October Archival Students Guild Service Project

Hello All:

On Friday, October 19th, ASG will be assisting the South Caroliniana Library in a service project. The Caroliniana has recently acquired the remains of a defunct photographic development company in Columbia and needs some extra people to help do some on-site re-housing and transporting.

The project will require you to dedicate several hours. I am emailing to find out:

1. Who is interested in participating

2. What times on Friday work best for people. I know many of us work on Fridays, but if we plan ahead we may all be able to make up a few hours on other days during the week and feel good about ourselves for helping an institution in need :)

Email me back, off-list at thomps34@mailbox.sc.edu if you are interested or have any questions. Once I get a good idea of a time and the number of people, I will email the listserv with complete information.


-Santi Thompson

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