Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Information About SC/MLA Conference Is In Charleston, Nov. 12 th - Nov.16 th

The SC/MLA (Southern Chapter/Medical Library Association) is having a conference in Charleston from Nov. 12th - Nov. 16th, and they have been kind enough to extend a special invitation to SLIS students.

The whole conference can be attended for $50 for a limited number of students, plus one CE (Continuing Education) course, which is a fantastic deal because the CE sessions are quite expensive.

If you are interested, here is what you need to do:

1. Visit their website at and choose what you want to do. This includes C.E and even social stuff. (Please note, however, that space on the Tour of Homes is limited and for this event not everyone can be accommodated.)

2. Send you name, e-mail, and events you are interested in to our Co-Social Chair, Mary Anne Hamilton, at this address:

3. We will forward your information to SC/MLA.

4. When it is conference time, simply go to the Meeting Registration desk on the Hotel Mezzanine with Evelyn Blake

We very much want to thank Dr. Tom Basler from SC/MLA, who is allowing us this wonderful opportunity. Also, a warm thanks to Mary Anne Hamilton, who has done a wonderful job coordinating with Dr. Basler.

You need to do this by Tuesday, Oct. 26th. Time is pressing. SC/MLA needs to know who from SLIS is going, and soon.

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