Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Haiti Service Project Day Nov. 24th in Davis College in the Graduate Computer Lab

LISSA will have a Haiti Service Project Day on Nov. 24th in Davis College in the Graduate Computer Lab.

We will working on a card catalog for a school in Haiti that has library materials but has no catolog system. They can't afford an electronic, so a card catalog is the best answer for them.

It is fun and easy. LISSA will have coffee and cookies, so please do come. (But in the hall, we can't have food in the lab.) It is an easy way to do a little good and work with something most of us never thought we would have a chance to work with ever.

Drusilla Carter brings very easy instructions and both she and I can answer any questions.

If possible, please e-mail in advance at slis_lissa@yahoo.com. You can just show up though if you care not certain if you can come.

Also, if anyone would like to bring donations for our materials drive for the school, the box is in the Davis College Computer Lab under the table to the left. Here is what has been requested:

  • Boys Underwear (new) -- all sizes
  • Socks (new) -- all sizes
  • Blue Ink Pins
  • Scarfs or Bandannas
  • Hair Ribbons (or any hair pins, ornaments)
  • Matchbox cars
This is an ongoing project for this school year. For more information, please click here.

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