Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Graduate Travel Grants Available To Present At Conferences

Application for Graduate School Travel Grants

[Please note, this is not money made available by LISSA. This these funds are made available via the Graduate School. Funding is given out to students who wish to present at conferences.All students, distance ed or Columbia-based, may apply.]

The Graduate School encourages student presentation of research at professional meetings by offering grants to degree-seeking graduate students. These are meant to supplement what has been committed by the unit to support the student’s travel.

Amounts And Restrictions:

1. Grant funds are available only to support student participation in professional meetings (i.e., presenting a research paper or poster). These funds cannot be used to support field or library research or simple attendance at a professional meeting.

2. Travel Grants are available only to supplement (and ordinarily match) funds committed by the unit.

3. Travel Grant applications cannot be made to support travel already started or completed.

4. All degree-seeking graduate students are eligible for support, with preference given to terminal degreeseeking students (e.g. doctoral students in programs that award it).

Application Procedure:

1. Student completes Travel Grant Student Request form (G-TG3)

2. Student’s advisor completes Travel Grant Advisor Recommendation form (G-TG2)

3. Student submits completed G-TG2 and G-TG3 forms to Graduate Director/Managing Director.

4. Unit Graduate Director completes Travel Grant Program Nomination form (G-TG1) and submits all forms to Graduate School. The unit may nominate as many as three students in one round, but must rank all nominees.

Travel grant awardees and their Graduate Directors will receive notification of the amount of support to be provided by the Graduate School. This amount (not to exceed the unit’s commitment) may be included in the Travel Authorization (TA). The program (i.e. the Graduate Director/Business Manager) should provide to the Graduate School a copy of the TA done for the student. Standard university policies regarding travel expenses and reimbursement apply. Within 30 days after completion of travel, the program must submit a completed Travel Reimbursement Voucher (TRV) showing the amount charged to the Graduate School (not to exceed the amount charged to the unit). Along with the TRV, documentation that the paper or poster was presented (e.g. a copy of an official program) must also be provided.

Application Deadlines:

Travel Period


1 October 2007 – 28 February 2008

1 September 2007

1 March 2008 – 31 May 2008

1 February 2008

1 June 2008 – 30 September 2008

1 May 2008

Please submit all applications through the Managing Director of the PhD program.

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