Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Tickets For USC Athletic Events

Here is the website to find out more about student tickets for USC Athletic Events. (This is where you should go for more detailed information.)

A lot of folks have asked, so we thought we would add the info to the blog.

Below is a brief summary of tickets and such:

Student tickets for football are distributed at the Russell House at 1400 Greene Street, across the street and one block to the right of Davis College.

Mon. Oct 29 (7am-4pm)
Tues. Oct 30
Wed. Oct 31
Mon. Nov. 12 (7am-4pm)
Tues. Nov 13
Wed. Nov 14

Students are admitted to all games upon the presentation of their Carolina Card at the gates of the respective venues.

There is specific information for Men's Basketball and Baseball on this website, but it is dated at this time. (Sorry that I don't know the sporting seasons. I'm not a good Southern on that count.)

For more information on the different athletics, go to the website above and click on the "Sports" and "Schedules" buttons.

Also, when the Russel House gives out tickets, the lines are long. People get there early, early, early. If you really want to go and are a distance ed students, I can't promise that it is a safe bet. I hear people start lining up at 6 am, and they open later in the morning.

There are plans to have an online ticket system in starting in January. Information about this system is as follows:

"The new Loyalty Distribution Ticket System will go into effect this January for the Tennessee Basketball game. With this new system we are moving Football and Men's and Women's Basketball Ticket Distribution online. Through TicketReturn, an online Ticket Distribution system used by the University of Maryland, UNC, University of Virginia and many other Univeristies, students will log on and request a ticket during the "Request Period". If the amount requested exceeds the amount of tickets (8800 for football and 2500 for basketball) the loyalty distribution system will go into effect. Students will be allotted points for seniority (8 points for seniors, 6 junior and grad/professional school students, 4 sophomores, 3 freshman) and attendance to football and men's and women's basketball games (1 points SEC conference games and 2 points non-SEC conference games). The system will then allocate tickets. After this process there will be a "Claim period" in which those students who received tickets can then claim. After the "Claim Period" is complete those tickets that have not be claimed will be first come first serve to all students through the online system. You are also allowed to drop your ticket in which another student can take that ticket in a similar process to that of the drop/add system on VIP.

Student who receive tickets and do not drop there ticket and decide not to enter the game will lose points 1 point for SEC conference games and 2 points for none SEC conference games."

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