Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Free Music Downloads for USC Students (Distance Ed Or Otherwise)


This is Travis. I checked this out, and this is a free service the university offers to all students, whether you are in Columbia or a distance ed student. Below is the e-mail USC sent out:

Dear student,

Welcome back from Fall Break! As a reminder ... Did you know that you have access to more than 3 million songs that you can download for FREE to your PC? Ruckus offers this service to all University of South Carolina students. More than 7,000 students at Carolina have already signed up for this great service!

For more information and registration information, please visit http://www.sc.edu/mediadownloading . Students with Macintosh operating systems have the ability to listen to streaming video on the Ruckus website but the player required for downloading music is only available on the Windows operating system.

Know the facts about legal downloading! Don't share copyrighted material. If you never install a peer-to-peer program, you will dramatically reduce the chances of your computer being infected by a virus, installing spyware, or being prosecuted. For more information about copyright @ USC, please visit http://www.sc.edu/copyright .

If you have questions about Ruckus or need help with your computer, as always, please contact the University Technology Services Help Desk at (803) 777-1800, Monday - Friday, 6am - 9pm.

University Technology Services
University Housing
Residence Hall Association

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