Thursday, September 27, 2007

LISSA is looking for SLIS students to run for office

LISSA is looking for SLIS students to run for office in the Fall 2007 LISSA election that will be held this October.

Not only is being an officer in LISSA a great way to get more involved in leadership roles at SLIS, but it looks great on a resume.

Please consider running for one of the following open positions: President, Vice President, and Treasurer (scroll to the bottom of this message to view the roles and responsibilities of each position).

If you are interested in running for any of the positions, please e-mail me at with a brief bio (including your name, a little bit about yourself, your area of interest at SLIS, and why you want to be President or VP or Treasurer). We will accept names until October 24th. Online voting will be held from October 26th to October 31st.


Dan Meola
LISSA Election Commissioner

A) The president shall preside at all LISSA functions, head the Executive Committee, and have the authority to appoint all committee chairpersons and to create new committees. The President shall also provide leadership and act as chief spokesperson for the organization.

The Vice-President of LISSA shall serve in place of the President when he or she is absent, and shall assume the Presidency, until the elections are held, should the office become vacant during a semester. The Vice President shall assist and advise the President on all executive decisions.

The Treasurer shall handle all financial transactions of LISSA, including, but not restricted to: the collection of dues; managing all bank accounts; and recording all transactions in the appropriate books.

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