Friday, September 7, 2007

LISSA Forum Is Now Up

Thanks to Stewart Baker, the LISSA Forum is now up and running. This is something we have wanted for a long time, because it is our hope that it will offer distance ed students the opportunity to organize better outside of Columbia and to have more ownership of what goes on in LISSA overall.

The Forum is essentially a number of message boards. Topics are arranged into main categories. The two I want to talk quickly are "SLIS Boards" and "Regional Boards."

"SLIS Boards" allows students to discuss topics specific to the branch of LIS they are interested in, such as "Academic Libraries," "Medical Libraries," etc.

"Regional Boards" has threads that are specific to the state various SLIS students are in. There are "Georgia" and "West Virginia" threads for example. This is to allow students in those states a centralized place to discuss classes, LIS topics of interest, or just meet one another so that you don't feel isolated out there. I know a lot of distance ed students would really just like to talk to other students. We hope this will give the opportunity to do so.

There is also a thread to discuss buying and selling books. To get on the forum you will need to register and create a user name, but this is free. It is just like signing up for G-Mail or Hotmail.

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