Sunday, September 16, 2007

Intellectual Freedom and Banned Books Week 2006 (Sept. 29th to Oct. 6th)

Banned Books Week 2006 is from Saturday, Sept. 29th to Saturday Oct. 6th.

Intellectual Freedom (I prefer to say the Freedom to Learn or the Freedom to Read) is a big issue these days, right up there with privacy and the Patriot Act. We thought that this might be a topic SLIS students would like to discuss in detail, to share their ideas and opinions.

That is why we are trying an experiment on the LISSA Forum.

If you haven't tried the forum yet, it is a series of message boards divided into different groups by topic. (To post to the Forum, you register like when you sign up for an e-mail service like hotmail or g-mail, so it is very easy to use. To just read, you can stay automatically logged in as a guest.)

On the Forum, under the "General Discussion Tread," we have started a posting for the "Freedom to Read." Please post your thoughts on Intellectual Freedom / The Freedom to Read here. This is an experiment to see how well the LISSA Forum works as a means of discussion for all SLIS students, whether Distance Ed or otherwise.

It is also an opportunity to discuss with other SLIS students a very important topic. We are also making a competition out of it. Under the "Freedom to Read," we have placed the names of the books on ALA's 10 Most Challenged Books of 2006 list.

If you have read any of these books, please post your feelings and thoughts about them under their respective posting: if you thought they were any good or not, if you would recommend it or not, even just if you would like your library to have it in their collection. If you haven't read any of them but you'd like to see what books have been challenged, give one or two of the books a try.

Either way, please rate the book on a scale from 1 (terrible, can't believe that got published) to 10 (fantastic, best thing ever). The three books that have the highest average scores by the end of the semester, LISSA will buy one copy of each and give them to a library in need.

This is a chance to have your say on a very important discussion in the profession, and to have a little fun while learning more about the new ways students have to communicate with one another. The only thing we ask is that we are adults and respectful of everyone's thoughts and feelings.

We have also but up a display in Davis College with some challenged books you are free to browse. You can see it on the following link: Freedom to Read LISSA Bulletin Board

We hope you enjoy the discussion and the books!

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