Sunday, September 30, 2007

For Distance Ed Students: Please Have A Look See At The LISSA Forum

This is a message for the Distance Ed students. The LISSA Forum has several state-specific message boards to allow discussion with fellow students in your area. A lot of people have told us it can be a little lonely out there, and we are hoping that the Forum will hope build connections among distance ed students in specific states and just connect everyone in the program across the board.

Carol Price is attempting to start a Virginia cohort on the Forum, and we know from various e-mails that other students are interested in doing the same. You can find Carol's message here

Below is a list of each state's message board with a link attached:

North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

The Forum does take about three seconds to go from one page to another after a click, but we are working on that. Please visit and post. We are very excited about the opportunity to serve and connect distance ed students this provides.

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